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I THINK this might actually be the most important post I have ever written. *winks* Because, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to relaxing, feeling better, destressing or creating some downtime for myself, nothing is better than a good ol’ long soak in the tub.


GO on, I beg of you. You’ll be in good company too I promise, because I’m just about to do exactly that. I’ve been sitting here for a good couple of hours now working, but there’s nothing else left in the tank, so to speak. I’m supposed to be sat here writing blog posts and catching up with emails. You know, all the kind of stuff, a busy freelancing blogger

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WHY, hello there! How the devil are you all? Are you all having a super Summer holiday? I’m back from taking a little a break away from the blog to enjoy some special time with my family and I have to say getting back to work, isn’t as easy as I thought. My body isn’t quite ready to get back into the swing of things (so to speak) as quickly

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Long gone are the heady, exciting days when my weekends were all about going out on ‘the razz’. Now my idea of an exciting night is actually having a night in. (It’s the new ‘going out’ you know!) Tonight I am looking forward to doing exactly that. Curling up on the sofa, with a glass of wine in hand (and the bottle nearby) and relaxing. Ah bliss. It’s true, I

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FRIDAY FIVE: 5 steps to pretty summer feet

  AS a Mum, a little spot of pampering is now a HUGE luxury these days. (I know some of you will be nodding along in agreement to this!) But with the weather turning warmer and sunnier (although admittedly not today) I decided I had to find the time to take my feet out of winter hibernation and treat them to a bit of tender loving care. Afterall, who wants

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POUT OF APPROVAL: My review of not 1, but 2 amazing massages @ Instinctive Health, Sheffield

ON FRIDAY, I was a little naughty as I decided to forego my usual busy blogging morning for a morning of total and utter pampering heaven instead. It did mean not having a Friday Five post for you all (I wrote a one off Saturday Six post instead) but I hope and am pretty sure you’ll forgive me. After all, who doesn’t deserve some relaxation from time to time right?! When

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YOUR SECRETS: EMMA’S STORY, PART 2: More pearls of wisdom

Following on from yesterday’s inspiring post, are some more words of wisdom from the courageous Emma Atack. As a little follow up to every ‘your secrets’ story, I ask everyone who takes part to share a few tips with us all. After all, what better way is there  to learn, than from someone who has already been there and got the T-shirt?! I’d also like to take a wee moment

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FRIDAY FIVE: Five good things that come from being poorly…

SOOO… I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog of late but for a very good reason. I’ve been fighting the lurgy. As too has my husband and little Elsie. Yep, for the past week or so, our precious household has been under attack from germs a plenty. Thankfully, we all seem to now be coming out on the other side and today, for the first time in about a week,

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