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Soooo, I did a spot of healthy baking…

I’M on a real health kick at the moment. Which basically means I’m cutting out of the c**p that I’ve been eating recently – you know too much white bread, biscuits and chocolate etc – and paying much more attention to my diet. Since Easter Monday, I’ve been eating well, eating less and moderating my booze intake and whatdoyaknow, but I feel a million times better already. I’ll be honest,

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YOUR SECRETS: Helen’s story, Part 2: Advice and recipes

AS promised, today’s post follows on from yesterday and Helen’s incredibly inspiring fitness story. As a little follow up to her story, I asked Helen to provide us with a few of her top tips for success and (you’re definitely going to thank me for this one) a couple of her favourite healthy recipes too. Many thanks to everyone who commented or tweeted about Helen’s ‘Your Secret’ post yesterday. The

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