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FRIDAY FIVE: 5 things women need to STOP doing to their bodies

A FEW weeks into the New Year and I don’t know about you, but if I see another weight loss piece in the media or hear from another friend, about her new fad diet, I am going to scream. I’m all for self improvement but this obsession with bodies and diets, which is particularly evident at this time of year, is quite frankly driving me nuts. Why? Because most of

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Things I’ve loved this week…

I love Sundays. Especially because I get to share some love and appreciation here on le blog! Here’s what has made my heart sing this week… 1) My amazing pregnancy massage – On Wednesday afternoon while most people were hard at work, I was oh so busy enjoying some much needed pregnancy pampering at the fabulous¬†Ayurveda Pura’s Health Spa & Beauty Centre in North Greenwich, London. I’ll be writing about

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