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YOUR SECRETS: Laura’s story, ‘How I’ve made myself a success in the music industry’

THIS month’s ‘Your Secrets’ story is an absolute belter. So good in fact, that I’ve been excited about sharing this with you for weeks. Many of you will probably recognise Laura White from her time on the X Factor a few years ago and the subsequent mass media attention she gained when she was shockingly voted out. And if you’ve ever wondered what you’ve been up to since the show,

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Things I’ve loved this week…

HERE’S what I’ve loved this week. A little bit of ‘Pouting In Heels’ appreciation if you like ;-) 1) The Oscar frocks – forget about the awards, it was ALL about the dresses for me. My favourites included Penelope Cruz who was beautiful as always in Armani, Gwyneth Paltrow looking sleek and futuristic in Tom Ford and Natalie Portman, a true ‘yummy mummy’ in a vintage number. 2) Feeling baby

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