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LIFE: How to be a happier person, part 1

I’M no expert when it comes to happiness (who is?!) but over the years I have picked up a few pearls of wisdom that I like to remind myself of whenever I’m feeling a little down in the dumps. Happiness can be hard to find at times but I’m a firm believer that to have more of it in our lives, we need to help ourselves. After all, the power always

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Sass: How to kick the devil’s ass (every single day)

Ok, so granted this headline is a little random but bear with me! You see I came across this quote the other week which really made me smile and I really wanted to share it with you all. Honestly, I love this quote so much I just can’t stop thinking about it. So much so, that over the last week (which has been pretty rubbish by all accounts) these few

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Happy International Women’s Day!…

TODAY is International Women’s Day – a day of celebration and reflection for women across the world! There’s no doubt that us ladies still have many obstacles to cross and huge hurdles to get by, on our way to true equality, happiness and peace. We can only continue to strive passionately for change, to make the most of ourselves and the opportunities that come our way and of course, have

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