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I’M a sucker for love and romance. Aren’t we all? But one thing I’ve noticed since becoming a parent, is that often, romance comes way down the at bottom of the list of our priorities. It’s not that we don’t love our partners. It’s just that life gets in the way of us finding time to celebrate that love, spice things up a bit or appreciate each other. It’s rubbish

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I’VE been on many holidays in my lifetime. And I’ve seen some truly wonderful places. But I don’t think a holiday has ever touched me quite so deeply as this one – a short two day stay in a beautiful painted gypsy caravan in The Lakes. We stayed in the spectacular caravan at The Blue House Bed & Breakfast in Ayside, a beautiful location just ten minutes or so from

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WIN a night at a Travelodge of your choice

  LET’S face it, we all need a change of scene at times. A wee break to blow away the cobwebs and take us out of the mundane day to day stuff for a short while. A chance to relax, have fun or visit somewhere new. Which is why I’m absolutely delighted to team up with Travelodge to offer one of my lovely readers the chance to WIN a night at

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Five reasons to visit Florence

YESTERDAY I was looking through some old holiday photographs and I started to think about all the incredible places that I’ve visited which have a special place in my heart. I’ve been very fortunate to have seen as much of the world as I have (although there’s still so much more I NEED to see!) but when it comes to those places that I will remember fondly forever, I’ve got

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Seaside stripes and denim

OH I do love to be beside the seaside… Especially when I’m dressed comfortably and braced for the Great British weather! You may have noticed that it was a little quiet on Pouting In Heels last week and you would be right, it was, as I enjoyed a week off holidaying with my husband, Elsie and some of my family on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast. Based in a lovely

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