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I’VE just blown a small fortune on this amazing pair of heels. I can’t really afford them in all honesty. So I probably ‘shouldn’t’ have bought them. But I did, because when I saw them, it felt like fate was calling. I’d just recorded a vlog about celebrating four years of blogging when an email landed in in my inbox. I clicked. It opened. And then I saw the shoes!


ON Saturday night I gave a new beauty of a dress it’s first outing. For a night on the town with some of my dearest friends (here I am with Christina and Laura) to celebrate the lovely Laura’s birthday with some early birthday drinks. (Happy Birthday darling!) Feeling a bit grotty from a couple weeks of catching one bug after another, I felt instantly better when I popped on my

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Dancing the night away in the comfiest heels ever (probably)

Aren’t these just a totally stunning pair of shoes?! I was sent these shoes a few weeks ago from the lovely team at Simply Be after I feel in love with their glam rock good looks and super high heels! Quite seventies, don’t you think? I’d never actually been on the Simply Be website before but I have to tell you I was pretty damn impressed with the range of

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A lady in red & a rainbow necklace

SOMETIMES you buy something so wonderful that you just can’t wait to wear it. Like this multicoloured beaded ‘rainbow’ necklace that I found in the online Topshop sale a couple of months ago. As soon as it arrived, I couldn’t wait to wear it but as it’s such a statement piece, it’s not – unfortunately – the easiest thing to wear. It needs a simple neckline. It needs the chance

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SECRETS: Smitten with a little room in a little train station bar

I KNOW what you’re all thinking. What the ….?! It’s a strange title for a post granted and to be fair, it’s probably going to be a bit of a strange post too. But what can I say? I like to mix things up. On Saturday night I went out for some drinks and dinner in Sheffield. (Here’s a little snapshot of what I wore, posing in the local train

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MY STYLE: A sunny Saturday in double denim & new heels

ON Saturday the sun was out in full force and boy oh boy didn’t it feel good?! Admittedly it was a little chilly when out of the sunshine, but nevertheless it was bloomin’ gorgeous. In total honesty, I’ve been waiting for a decent sunny day for a long time. And not just because I am in desperate need of some cheering up right up now. But because, well, I’ve been

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SATURDAY SIX: Six reasons to buy and wear vintage fashion

LONG before vintage was cool, I was a massive fan of vintage clothing and accessories. When I was a teenager my Mum gave me a diamante bracelet that a young man had given to her as a gift when she herself was in her late teens. I wore it often in my early clubbing days and even though it’s still missing a few stones here and there, I still wear

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LIFE: My ‘cover girl’ moment!

VERY very occasionally you get a surprise email that lands in your inbox which is so amazing, so fantastic, it is almost too good to be true. And so, it was, on a fairly typical day in December that a very untypical email arrived in my inbox and made me squeal with joy. The email was from a journalist from Essentials magazine inviting me to be on the cover (!)

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