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THE older I get, the more I’m beginning to realise that when it comes to life… You need to be a bit like a rubber ball. To deal with being thrown around. To handle being knocked off your feet. To launch yourself at your dreams and when you miss, to throw yourself at them, again. It’s all about bouncing back, isn’t it?


REALLY it is. Sure it may be tricky, embarrassing or awkward at times, but it’s a topic that we need to be more comfortable with. Something we need to be able to discuss more openly. Something that we shouldn’t feel funny about. Something which has to stop making us cringe. Feminine intimate health. It’s as simple as looking after our vaginas (yep, I went there) and making sure they remain healthy and

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DO you drink enough water?! I know I don’t. Or should I say, I didn’t until the lovely people at Sodastream got in touch and asked me to take part in their ‘hydration challenge’ – swapping my endless cups of tea for glasses of sparkling water. When I was a little girl, I longed for a Sodastream as all the ‘cool kids’ at school had one at their homes. But

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ITALY was, as I expected, just incredible! We had the most wonderful time in the stunning area of Lake Maggiore, in our Bookings For You villa and I cannot wait to share the photos and travel tales with you all, very soon. (Once I’ve edited the hundreds of photos I snapped, that is!) However, it was also one of the strangest holidays I’ve ever had, because whilst I was there, I

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My Child Has Been Diagnosed with Hearing Loss. What Next?

If you have recently discovered that your child has hearing loss, it’s important to get the facts about what lies ahead as soon as possible. Quick and effective intervention is usually the basis of successful treatment, but different causes of hearing loss require very different care plans. Thankfully, there are many options available for children with partial hearing loss, and some of them have the potential to completely reverse the

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My back pain is becoming a real pain in the neck

I’M grumpy, snappy and incredibly irritable at the moment. So you have my apologies. As does everyone in fact who has to ‘put up’ with me at the minute, because to be quite frank, I’m just not myself right now. All thanks to my beautiful back which just does not want to play ball at the moment or do anything in fact. It’s not very happy you see. Not happy

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How I plan to become a healthier me this year

FIRSTLY, before we begin, may I just take a moment to say Happy New Year! I know, I know, we’re a few days in to 2015 already but seeing as it’s my first post of the year, I just needed to get that off my chest. Now it is, let’s get onto the business of health shall we? Hands up, who’s popped a bit more chunk on their trunk over

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Think you know yoga? (Well think again)

  TODAY on Pouting In Heels, Friday Five returns and boy oh boy, is it a good one! I am absolutely chuffed to bits, delighted, thrilled, excited (you get the picture) to have a dear friend of mine sharing some of her amazing knowledge with us all today which I think you are going to love. Zaz who has a wonderful and heartwarming blog Mama and More! is an incredible lady

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