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STYLE: Shopping, Asian style

LAST Sunday I entered an incredibly bedazzling sparkly world and didn’t want to leave. But leave I did a few hours later with two large bags crammed full of beautiful, ethic goodies! I visited the incredible Bombay Stores, described as the UK’s largest Asian Department Store. Situated in Bradford City Centre, I’d been told great things about this shopping mecca by my mother in law, for years, but had yet

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STYLE: And bags of it…

LONG before I became a high heels lover, my first fashion obsession was with handbags. Yes, they were my first style love. And although heels may have since taken over my fashion lust, I still adore them, as much as I once did. The only difference, is that these days, because I’m a mum trying to juggle parenthood with freelancing, when it comes to bags, I now have to think

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