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I’M sat here surrounded by gift wrap and festive mess… So it seems only right that I share with you another festive style post today! A little more low key than my previous post, but still suitably Christmassy, today’s post was inspired by comfort. Yes folks, comfort. Because whilst I do love a heavy dose of glamour in my wardrobe, when it comes to stuffing my face with Christmas food

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LAST week on Wednesday when most people were at work, I achieved two firsts. One – I went to the ‘races’ for the very first time and not just any old races, but the prestigious and oh so glamorous Qatar Goodwood Festival, fondly otherwise known as ‘Glorious Goodwood‘. And two – I wore a hat, a ‘proper’ fabulous hat and felt very much like a lady. As guests of Glorious

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My five favourite perfumes (which make my nose super happy)

IT’S International Happiness Day today and I had a really good idea to write a post about everything that makes me happy. But then the eclipse happened this morning (check out my Instagram feed for my amazing (kind of!) pic) and I got giddy and now I’ve ran out of time. Because truth be told, so many things make me happy. Make me all warm, cosy and fuzzy inside. And

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An ‘iconic’ shoot: The day I became Monica Bellucci (Kind of)

EVER wondered what it might be like to pretend to be someone else for a day? I’ve often believed that my life should be much more glamorous than it is. And in all honesty I’m often rather put out that it isn’t! ;-) Yes I’ve been fortunate enough to experience an odd insanely glamorous moment from time to time but on the whole, I’ve got to face the harsh fact

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FRIDAY FIVE: Five easy ways to introduce more glamour into your day

As a busy working mum to a busy, inquisitive toddler, life is full on, often chaotic and very, very messy. (You should see my house currently – disaster zone springs to mind!) My life leaves very little room for glamour at the moment, however I cannot live without it, so what’s a girl to do? The answer my friends is this…you concentrate on the little things and bring glamour into

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