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STARTED your Christmas shopping yet?! Nope? Me neither! But fret not my beauties! We’ve still got a good few weeks to go and, kind soul that I am (*winks*), I’ve decided to do my bit for the festive season and share some gift ideas with you all, which will hopefully make life a little easier or perhaps get you out of a gifting pickle. (It happens to all of us). Here

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CURRENTLY, in my home live six orchids. In different varieties and different colours. Yes folks, I am rather obsessed with them. I love orchids, they’re elegant, long lasting and just incredibly pretty without being too showy. They live happily anywhere in my home – I have them in my living room, hallway and kitchen currently – and are incredibly easy to look after. (Which is another reason why I probably

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SOMETIMES when I see my husband with my little girl Elsie, I want to cry. Because as Dads go, let me tell you, he is something else. Kind, patient, loving, funny and totally and utterly devoted, I could not have wished or hoped for a better Dad for my daughter. His love for her is so evident and a total and utter joy to behold. In fact, as corny as

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The cutest personalised photobook (EVER?!) and your chance to win one!

I LOVE photos. (And as some of you may know, I also love being in photos. *winks*) But more than anything I love capturing memories and taking photographs of Elsie. It’s one of my most favourite things to do. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy and have got some time, I’ll drop and shoot with my snazzy SLR, but more often than not, I’ll snap a shot with my phone camera,

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Gorgeous gifts for marvellous mums

SICK of buying your Mum flowers for Mother’s Day? Yep, me too. Which is why I thought I’d do a little gift guide featuring some rather lovely present ideas for marvellous mums (and grandmas) everywhere. Because although flowers are always lovely to receive, sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a little and put a smile on your Mum’s face with something different. Here are nine super gift ideas, that

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The perfect Valentine gift with Wrap.Me

I THINK I may have just created the easiest personalised Valentine’s Day gift in the world. Seriously, I think you may just love this one guys. (And love me for it too!) It’s simple to do, costs very little and all it requires is a little effort and thought. (Which really is what Valentine’s Day is all about is it not?) I created this gift with Wrap.Me, a super brilliant

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IF like me you tend to leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute (or December at least), then you are in luck my friends! Because today I’m going to share with you some brilliant Christmas gift ideas for the adult people that rock your world. I know there’s hundreds of gift posts out there and I know you may even be sick to the back teeth of seeing /

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