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Five easy ways to improve your relationship with food

LAST week I spoke about the little changes I was making to my diet and lifestyle, after my Christmas binge out. And to report back quickly, guess what my beauties? Yep, those teeny tiny adjustments I’ve introduced have already made a difference. I’ve lost a little bit of weight – I don’t know how much as I never weigh myself but I can tell from my face and the way

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Things I’ve loved this week…

It’s appreciation Sunday! Here’s what I’ve loved this week… 1) My first reflexology treatment – On Monday I did the unthinkable. I let someone touch my feet! Normally this would bring me out in hives (I’ve only ever had one pedicure, for my wedding and that was torture) but yet strangely it didn’t bother me one bit! The experience was fabulous and provided some much needed pregnancy relaxation. I’ll be

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