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ITALY was, as I expected, just incredible! We had the most wonderful time in the stunning area of Lake Maggiore, in our Bookings For You villa and I cannot wait to share the photos and travel tales with you all, very soon. (Once I’ve edited the hundreds of photos I snapped, that is!) However, it was also one of the strangest holidays I’ve ever had, because whilst I was there, I

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Why are you hiding? The world needs you!

  SOMETIMES I get so nervous about stuff, that I try and find any excuse not to do something that I know I really should be doing. That I know will be good for me. That I know will take me to new exciting places. In the end, I ignore the excuses – push them off a imaginatory cliff – and I get on with it. Why? Because the alternative

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Last night I tackled a fear (And survived)

LAST night I did something I’ve never done before. As an adult. I spoke. In public. To a group of people. About blogging. I know. Impressive huh?! ;-) I was nervous, I was frightened and I felt a little bit out of my depth. Last time I did any kind of real public speaking was way back at school, and I’m 35 now, so you know, it’s been a while. When

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