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FRIDAY FIVE: Five easy ways to get in the festive spirit (if you’re not feeling it already)

IF you’re currently feeling more like Scrooge than Santa and are just not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, then fear not. Here are five easy peasy ways to help you get into the festive swing of things and experience some of that Christmas magic. Watch a Christmas film There’s nothing like watching a Christmas film to help you feel a little merrier, so this weekend as you nurse a

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STYLE: A wardrobe de-clutter and a few lessons learnt

  YESTERDAY I got down and dirty with my wardrobe and had a good ol’ sort out and boy, oh boy, did it feel good. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for ages so when a small window of opportunity (and time) presented itself, I grabbed it and went wild amongst my racks. You see recently, I’ve been getting up in the morning and looking at my wardrobe

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FRIDAY FIVE: Things I’m loving right now…

HELLO my darlings! How are you all? It feels so good to be back and on a Friday too. Hurrah for that!  Thank you all for bearing with me whilst I’ve had a little break. I can’t honestly say whether or not I’ve got my blogging mojo back completely yet but I can tell you that I’m feeling motivated and am happy to be sat here typing away, so that’s

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FRIDAY FIVE: Five reasons why you should dress UP on a Friday

I’M sat here at home typing away. When I look down I can see my purple tights and my heeled ankle boots and every so often, one of my favourite statement necklaces that I’ve chosen to wear today, just catches my beady eye. And I have to tell you, I rather like it. You see this morning when I woke up, I thought sod dressing comfortably today, I’m going to

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STYLE: A November outfit on a dress UP Friday

OK, so I’m a little nervous about this post in all honesty. Which is why I’m hiding in my snood. You see it’s not often I share my outfits on here – in fact I think I’ve only done it once before! – partly, because I don’t seem to have the time to do it and also, well, because it seems a little narcissistic! I know this is not the case

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Pout Of Approval: From Babies With Love

WHEN you become a mother, it changes everything. I can still remember being told that when I was pregnant and I have to say, now I am a mummy myself, it is absolutely true. For instance, whereas before hearing any news stories of children being mistreated or abused would make me feel sick and upset, now I’m a mum, they literally break my heart. I just cannot bear to think of

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FRIDAY FIVE: My favourite (and most fabulous) style books

I AM a total book fiend and make absolutely no apologies for it. My dream is to one day have a library in my house that rivals that of the one in ‘Beauty & The Beast’ (can you picture it?!) and although I’ve still got some way to go, with the amount of books I currently own, I’d say I’d definitely on my way to achieving it! Beautiful, engaging, inspiring

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STYLE: My favourite AW looks from the high street

I ADORE this time of year. The glorious colours of nature, the beautiful natural light, the fact that it’s still usually warm enough to enjoy being outside (on most occasions) and the fact that the nights begin to cosily draw in. But more than any of these, I just love autumn/winter fashion. From ‘proper’ coats to knee high boots, chunky knits to snuggly scarves, sequins to dark lace, there isn’t

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