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ADMITTEDLY it doesn’t really feel like summer in the UK at the moment. Typical huh? But like most of us I love the sunshine and warm weather. And I also love, love, love dressing for summer. (When it’s not for our bonkers UK weather that is.)


THERE are many good things you can say about Great Britain. (Although admittedly, as of late, it doesn’t really feel that way.) But let’s face it, our bonkers weather isn’t one of them. We’re well into the first week of July and yet it’s taken me nearly two months, two months (!) before I managed to find the opportunity to wear one of my new summer style purchases.


SOME of you may remember that I launched a new style blog a few months ago. All about dresses. Well, today, if you fancy a gander, I’m over at ‘To Dream Of Dresses‘ celebrating a very lovely little black dress by Fever London. There’s lots of pretty pics to look at (like this)…


I AM nervous and excited today. Nervous and so bloody excited, because tomorrow, my new style To Dream Of Dresses finally goes live! *takes a deep breath* It’s taken ages to get it ready, much longer than I had hoped (yep, I’d completely forgotten just how much work it takes to get a blog off the ground!) but finally, finally it is all ready to go. Phew-eeee. I don’t want

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A little red dress and a corker of a statement necklace

ON Saturday night I painted the city red. (Kinda.) As part of early birthday celebrations (my big day is on Friday) I did a night of glamour in Leeds with some of my dearest pals. And I did it in a rather lovely red dress. I take absolutely no credit for finding this amazing dress from Matalan of all places! Nope, it was all the work of a dear Twitter

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Celebrating love in a lavender frock, wedding heels & henna

I’M beginning to think that style posts on my blog are like buses. You wait ages for one to appear then two come along in quick succession! ;-) Anyhow, I couldn’t help but share this outfit with you. An outfit for a glorious wedding on a glorious hot summer’s day. A fusion of East and West as a beautiful Indian princess (Jazz) married her handsome British groom (James). As the

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FRIDAY FIVE: A wish list

SOMETIMES I come across an online shop that just makes me feel like I’ve entered home. A fashion home. You know that lovely warm feeling you get when you browse a collection and find yourself grinning from ear to ear because everything in it is just so YOU! Feels good doesn’t it? Finding a stylish retailer that seems to know exactly what you want to wear is pretty rare let’s

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What to do with your wedding dress

THE wedding season has begun with gusto and so, for all you excited soon to be brides, here’s a Friday Five especially for you. Here are five things you can do with your wedding dress, after the big day. Once you’ve laughed, cried, posed and danced in it and made ridiculously happy memories. ——– Keep and cherish it Ok, I’m starting with the obvious, but if like me you’re a

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