EVER wondered how women years gone by looked immaculate? How their clothes fitted them so well? How they always looked pulled together and groomed? Well the secret is that their clothes were made for them or that they made their clothing themselves. No cheap fashion, ‘grab something off a rack’  in decades past. Nope. Their clothes were made to fit their bodies and suit their shape and boy, didn’t they

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‘CRU’-ising through life with my wonder bag

SEQUINNED, embellished, vintage, metallic or leather – you name it, when it comes to bags I’ve owned them all. Apart from, the perfect day to day bag, that is. A bag which isn’t showy but simple and elegant. A bag that will let me get on with my busy life, easily. Something that is understated, beautifully made and does the job. Carrying my items from a to b safely and

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