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WIN a gorgeous set of colouring books – for adults!

IT’S all the rage you know… Colouring books for adults. And if you’re now looking agog and thinking “what on earth!”, well folks, all I can say is, don’t mock it until you’ve tried them. I first came across adult colouring books just before Christmas time after I did a little search for one on Amazon. I’d been doing lots of ‘colouring in’ with Elsie and was quite astonished at

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Elsie Creates A Treasure Box

My two year old daughter is crafty. And I don’t mean in the sneaky sense, but in the ‘loves to paint, colour, draw and stick as much as she can’ kind of sense. It’s a wonder to behold and I have to say, her ‘craftiness’ is definitely catching. There’s nothing I love more than sitting down with her and helping or watching her get into her creative zone. Toddlers are

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How to make the easiest Christmas wreath in the WORLD

WE’RE a few days into December and there’s no doubt about it, I am feeling festive folks! Once my birthday is done and dusted at the end of November, my mind immediately switches to the thought of Christmas and this year with Elsie being that bit older (she’ll be just under 2 and a half on Christmas Day) I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited! I can’t wait

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SECRETS: How to make the easiest bunting…EVER

IF you’re in need of some fabulous bunting for a wedding, party or baby’s nursery, then listen up folks because this is THE post for you. Here’s how to make the easiest bunting in the world. And I promise you, there is absolutely no needle and thread in sight. Ready? You will need: Fabric – ideally at least three different designs. For my bunting I used five. Pinking shears –

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