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Oh my giddy aunt! Please vote for me in the BiBs (if you so wish)

YESTERDAY my Twitter feed went bonkers. And all because the shortlist for the BiBs 2015 (The Brilliance in Blogging Awards) had come out. And all because I’ve only gone and made the bloody shortlist! And all because it’s for the writer category too! Oh my giddy Aunt! So thank you. THANK YOU! To anyone, indeed everyone, who nominated me or put me forward to be considered. I’m absolutely gobsmacked but

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IT’S changed my life, my beautiful little corner of the Internet. But it’s also brought some very interesting conversations my way and a hell of a lot of questions too. There’s a whole glut load of misconceptions when it comes to blogging and being a blogger. About the work that’s involved, about what it’s really like and of course, how much money you can make from it. In the three

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All About You – Shoot The Moon!

POWERFUL that, isn’t it? These words by Anne Lamott – which I came across and shared last week for my new #wisdominheels project – have lingered around in my thoughts since I read them. They have stayed there, locked into my consciousness, stubborn, persistent and loud. A reminder to grab life with both your hands and live boldly. Indeed, to live fearlessly. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘feisty

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Now ‘Pouting In’ The Huffington Post!

IT’S been an ambition of mine for a while. And Monday, finally saw it happen! Yes folks, a piece by yours truly, is only now on The Huffington Post! Wooo blinkin’ hoo! You can find it here if you fancy a read. It was a wonderful and slightly surreal moment, seeing the piece up there and I’ll happily admit, I did a little dance around the kitchen and celebrated with a

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Nine quick things you can do to improve your blog today

AH, blogging. Always so much to learn, so much to do and never enough time to do it all. I hear ya. As I’m sat here typing this, in the back of my mind right now, I’m thinking of about five things that I desperately need to do to my blog. And also thinking, “when on earth am I gonna find the time to do THAT!”. So it’s tough at

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IN the three or so years that I have been blogging, I am forever amazed at the wealth of blogging talent that I come across. Day in, day out. At the ability, determination and creativity of bloggers. Women (and men) just like me – who pour their hearts out, who write ferociously, who share parts of their lives – for all the world to read and see. So I love

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Last night I tackled a fear (And survived)

LAST night I did something I’ve never done before. As an adult. I spoke. In public. To a group of people. About blogging. I know. Impressive huh?! ;-) I was nervous, I was frightened and I felt a little bit out of my depth. Last time I did any kind of real public speaking was way back at school, and I’m 35 now, so you know, it’s been a while. When

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EVER feel like your blogging efforts are going unrewarded? Are you sick of spending heaps of time on a post and feeling that no one cares about what you’ve written? Do you look at other bloggers, read other blogs and sometimes feel inadequate, jealous, cheesed off?! Yes? You do?! Brilliant. Then it’s not just me then. *smiles* I’ve been blogging for over three years now and in the main, I

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