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YUP, you heard right! Call me bonkers, call me silly, call me daft as a brush (or worse if you fancy, as long as you keep it to yourself!) but I’ve decided to attempt and introduce some kind of regular ‘advice’ column to Pouting In Heels. It’s something that’s actually been in the back of my mind for ages, months in fact. And then I came across two things recently

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  Over three years ago I ‘signed up’ to the greatest test of my life. An endurance test of mammoth proportions. A test that would challenge my body and my mind. A test that would shake me to my core. A test that would make me question everything I thought I knew. What test am I talking about? This one. The test of motherhood. This morning as I sit here,

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We’re failing new mums and it’s not good enough

THERE has only been one occasion in my life (thankfully) when I actually feared for my sanity. One occasion when I literally felt like I was going insane. When I felt like I was going ‘out of my mind’. When I knew that I wasn’t thinking like me, but yet couldn’t rid myself of the horrible, irrational and frightening thoughts and emotions that had taken over my mind and body.

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Am I good enough? (Yes, you are)

  US women have a tough ol time’ getting by in this world I reckon. We’re critiqued, we’re pulled apart, we’re pitted against each other. We’re told how we should look, how we should dress, how we should behave. The pressure is endless and it all adds up to this message: “You’re not good enough.” If like me, sometimes you find yourself thinking this very thing and a bit too

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YOUR SECRETS: Helen’s story, Part 2: Advice and recipes

AS promised, today’s post follows on from yesterday and Helen’s incredibly inspiring fitness story. As a little follow up to her story, I asked Helen to provide us with a few of her top tips for success and (you’re definitely going to thank me for this one) a couple of her favourite healthy recipes too. Many thanks to everyone who commented or tweeted about Helen’s ‘Your Secret’ post yesterday. The

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FRIDAY FIVE: What NOT to do when you’re a new mum…(from a new mum, 11 months on)

MOTHERHOOD is a bundle of shoulds. You should be doing this. Your baby should be doing that. After being a mum for a whopping 11 months now (I can’t quite believe my little girl turns one in a few weeks!) I can safely say that I have never heard or been on the receiving end of so many shoulds. So whilst I wouldn’t dream of telling you what you should

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