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IT’S getting nippy out there. So it’s time to wrap up warm and get acquainted with your big knits, mittens and layers. Chunky woollen scarves are wonderful and cosy, but, if you want something softer and more delicate to keep you warm then I have just the thing for you all… Because the fabulous brand CharmChuri¬†London have given me this stunning scarf to give away to one lucky reader. CharmChuri

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‘CRU’-ising through life with my wonder bag

SEQUINNED, embellished, vintage, metallic or leather – you name it, when it comes to bags I’ve owned them all. Apart from, the perfect day to day bag, that is. A bag which isn’t showy but simple and elegant. A bag that will let me get on with my busy life, easily. Something that is understated, beautifully made and does the job. Carrying my items from a to b safely and

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WIN a gorgeous set of tattoos (that you won’t regret years later!)

IF like me you love tattoos… but are a bit of a wuss when it comes to the thought of going under the needle, then this my friends is the competition for you! This is your chance to win a stunning set of tattoos that you can use to decorate your skin (or your outfit) safe in the knowledge that when you’ve had enough of them, you can remove them

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GIVEAWAY TIME! (And some love for Liliputians accessories)

SO Elsie was an exceptionally lucky girl on her birthday a few weeks ago, because not only did she receive a huge amount of presents and get to eat lots of cake… But she also received the most stunning headband any girl could wish for from the very kind people at Liliputians. Liliputians is a new children’s accessory brand specialising in small accessories which create mighty impressions! I loved the

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Celebrating love in a lavender frock, wedding heels & henna

I’M beginning to think that style posts on my blog are like buses. You wait ages for one to appear then two come along in quick succession! ;-) Anyhow, I couldn’t help but share this outfit with you. An outfit for a glorious wedding on a glorious hot summer’s day. A fusion of East and West as a beautiful Indian princess (Jazz) married her handsome British groom (James). As the

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