STYLE: Sensational headpieces fit for a very special day

Clarisse HB - £135 & Alejandra Bracelet -£79.99 -

IT’S Monday, it’s still January (can you believe how long this month is?!) and so I thought, what better way to cheer everyone up, than by sharing some seriously pretty bridal accessories with you all.

Admittedly Pouting In Heels is not a wedding blog per se – there are plenty of amazing wedding blogs out there already doing an incredible job so I’m definitely not trying to compete (if you’re looking for inspiration try Love My Dress or Rock n Roll Bride for starters) – however I do love anything to do with weddings and as many of you will have already gathered by now, I am also a total sucker for anything that sparkles.

So when the lovely Sangeeta from Olivier Laudus got in touch and sent me some of the pictures from their 2014 Great Glamour Collection, I felt it would be far too selfish of me to merely keep them to myself. After all swoon-worthy accessories need to be shared and well, swooned over, by as many people as possible!

Clarisse headband pic 2 - £135 - www.olivierlaudus.comMaggie headband pic 2 - £140 - www.olivierlaudus.comBohemia Headband Pic 2 - £135 - www.olivierlaudus.comAs you can see from the stunning pictures, the collection is incredibly dreamy, perfect for a stylish bride wanting a chic and glamorous look.

The pieces remind me of that old Hollywood glamour of which I will always be a huge fan and I absolutely adore the 1920s influence that is evident across the collection. As someone who loves all things art deco, (my engagement ring is an antique 1920s ring), it’s fair to say I’m a little bit smitten.

The collection includes all manner of gorgeous items from vintage looking tiaras to oversized bracelets but for me, it’s the divine twenties inspired headbands and forehead chains that really stand out. And I’ll tell you why.

Flora Earrings - £79.99 - www.olivierlaudus.comVictoria Ribbon Headband - £195 - www.olivierlaudus.comArabelle hairpin - £34.99 & Donna earrings - £69.99 - www.olivierlaudus.comWhen I got married over five years ago, I was desperate, desperate I tell you, to find a sensational headpiece to wear with my beautiful lace wedding dress but I could not find one anywhere. Believe me, I searched high and low for months.

In the end I had to accept that alas, it just was not to be and opted for some sensational Butler & Wilson chandelier earrings which I absolutely loved instead. But I’ve never totally forgotten my sadness at not finding the headpiece I so desired.

Victoria headband pic 2 - £195 - www.olivierlaudus.comABC - Corinthia Shoot - Trafalgar suite - look 2 - pic 2

Unsurprisingly then seeing these beautiful headpieces almost made me weep with joy! Brides of today, you are so lucky! Anyway when I saw them, I knew I had to do my duty and spread the word.

And let me tell you, if the husband and I ever do get to renew our wedding vows one day, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be treating myself to one of these fine beauties.

In fact, to hell with it, I might just invest in one anyway and wear it next time I go out for cocktails.

Afterall, seriously glamorous items like these, shouldn’t just be saved for one special day now should they?!


What do you think of the collection? Are you in love with it as much as I am? What is your ‘dream’ piece? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Make this week magical!

With love (and pouts)




Special reader offer!

All Pouting In Heels readers can now get 10% discount on all orders from Olivier Laudus until the end of February. Simply quote poutingfeb10 when placing your order at olivierlaudus.comThank you Sangeeta!

*Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post. As always , I only ever write about products and services that I truly love x

** All images used in this post were kindly shared with permission from Olivier Laudus.

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“STYLE: Sensational headpieces fit for a very special day”
  • Adore these, I would love to wear hairpieces like these all the time. Recently dug out an old oversized diamante feather shaped hair-clip that I’ve been wearing, and love it. My mother used to wear head-scarves all the time in the late 70s, early 80s, so I think she inspired me. As for renewing your wedding vows wearing one, what a fantastic excuse for another fab frock and a great party!! x

  • Thanks so much for linking up to #Fashionfriday with such a staggeringly beautiful post, so glamorous. Typing this as you’re sat on my sofa (well the magazine with you as cover star at least)-squeal! x

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