STYLE: Me and my new bangs. A life changing hair cut?


LAST Saturday I had my hair cut and I honestly think it has changed my life.

What I hear you cry? How can it be?

I know, I know. It sounds utterly bonkers and no-one is more surprised to say that than me but I absolutely think it has.

My new hair do or my new ‘bangs’ to be precise really have shaken things up. And, for the better I might add.

I’ve been desperate for a hair cut for a while and after being inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s immaculate, glossy and oh so swingy hair in Scarface (my favourite film, if you haven’t seen it you must!) I decided to go for the chop. The blunt chop.


And well, since then, the result has been quite extraordinary.

Firstly, I feel much happier with myself. Good ey? Not a new woman exactly, but definitely a shinier and (hopefully) more stylish version.

My new ‘do’ has encouraged me to smarten up my act and so I’ve found that I’m putting on more eyeliner than I normally would and getting much more adventurous with my wardrobe. I also feel sexier and even a little more mischevious. See that twinkle in my eye?

But what is more interesting than how I feel about my hair is the reaction I’ve had from other people.

My husband loves it (even though he’s never been a fan of fringes before) and is suddenly much more ‘attentive’. Friends and family have been complimentary – my Mum said I look 10 years younger which is well, really rather nice -and even strangers seem to be drawn to the bangs too.

Today, a lovely lady whom I do not know from Adam, told me that she loved my hair and although I might be imagining it, I swear people are just generally being nicer, smilier and much more pleasant towards me. Weird huh?

This kind of hair reaction has never happened to me before and well may never happen again, but I gotta tell you, I really do think these bangs are bringing the best out of me.

In fact, between you and I, I love my new do so much, I might just keep it for a while. So watch this space folks, watch this space :)


What do you think? Am I crazy? Have you ever had a positive reaction from a hair cut? Have people treated you differently because of how your hair looks? 


Till the next time, if you need a change, go for the chop!






*Huge thank you to the fabulous Rachel from Alter Ego who created my ‘do’. x

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10 Discussions on
“STYLE: Me and my new bangs. A life changing hair cut?”
  • get you! it looks gorgeous! i’m thinking of going the other way…and by that i mean growing my hair. I have said it a few times now but then as soon as the hairdresser turns up i’m like ”just chop it off!”…but now, i’m ‘pinning’ ways to style it so that i can grow it out. so watch this space, too!

    • Thank you and go for it! Long hair is gorgeous. Keep pinning and i’ll look forward to seeing the results soon x

  • Love it! As a fellow bangee(??), I never feel right unless my fringe is just so. If it grows too long and god forbid I have to pin it back (shudder!!), I feel like a complete geek until I can get to my hairdresser…. BUT you should see me strut down the road afterwards… I feel prettier, happier, more confident and all is well with the world again. I’m with you, fringes ARE life changing!!

  • It must be in the air! I went for a fringe chop myself for the first time since I did a disastrous DIY fringe on my curly mop under the kitchen table aged 7 – this new sleek version is definitely much slicker, and does get lots of nice comments! Love your hair, it looks fab, and of course a change – especially one that suits you so – will give you that extra strut! Enjoy!

    • Thank you. Yours sounds wonderful too. And I agree, the right hair do, really does give you that extra strut. I feel like a peacock at the minute! ;-) x

  • Aw you look gorgeous (you always do). I do find if I feel happy with how I look, I exude confidence and it’s that, which people respond to. Fab post x

    • I think you’re spot on. It’s when you exude confidence, that people are drawn to you. Great comment thanks x

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