STYLE: And bags of it…

Bags of style

LONG before I became a high heels lover, my first fashion obsession was with handbags.

Yes, they were my first style love. And although heels may have since taken over my fashion lust, I still adore them, as much as I once did.

The only difference, is that these days, because I’m a mum trying to juggle parenthood with freelancing, when it comes to bags, I now have to think ‘practical’. Beauty and design are no longer enough.

Like most women, my handbag is my tardis. It pretty much holds everything that I need to manage my daily existence and look after my baby daughter when I’m out and about. From baby wipes to nappy cream, notebooks to my essential make up bag, it never fails to amaze me how much I manage to stash in one of my bags.

Personally for me, unless it’s an evening bag, when it comes to size, bigger is usually best. I do so love a large handbag.

Yes they’re heavier and yes, you end up filling them up with all manner of things (often too many things) but they do, in my humble opinion, look much more fabulous. And of course they’re much more practical because obviously they can hold more ‘stuff’.

This time last year I was mostly carting around a proper ‘new mum’ bag – a changing bag. But after realising that it doesn’t actually perform any better than my largest (and much chicer) handbag, this season I’m desperate to treat myself to something which is both functional and beautiful.

After having a good ol’ nosey online, here are a few high street bags that I’m currently lusting for and deliberating over. They’re a mixed bunch and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to pick one, but pick one I indeed will! Hopefully they’ll provide you with a little handbag inspiration too.

The only bag you won’t see amongst these is the backpack. Yes folks, this season, the backpack is well and truly back. *grimaces*

But as practical as the backpack may perhaps be, let’s just say that this bag will not be gracing my back anytime soon. Why? Because as much as I have to admit I need a practical handbag in my life, I also need a hell of a lotta beauty too. ;-)





  1. Boho tan suede leather bag, Sabrina Tach, £148.50
  2. Gladstone animal strap bag, Accessorize, £69
  3. Black /blue bowler bag, Next, £32
  4. Pocket front tote bag, Primark, £12
  5. Retro yellow clasp holdall handbag,, £26.99
  6. Studded tote bag, Primark, £20
  7. Clayton large ziptop grab, Radley London, £199
  8. Black and white panel bag, Matalan, £15


What do you think of the bags that I’ve chosen? Do you have a favourite? Which style of bag do you prefer on a day to day basis?

Till the next time, love your handbag! It serves you well!




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