STYLE: A November outfit on a dress UP Friday

nov style 2

OK, so I’m a little nervous about this post in all honesty.

Which is why I’m hiding in my snood.

You see it’s not often I share my outfits on here – in fact I think I’ve only done it once before! – partly, because I don’t seem to have the time to do it and also, well, because it seems a little narcissistic! I know this is not the case because I myself adore personal style blogs and seeing what others wear, but you get where I’m coming from.

Anyway after a few people asked me to share my outfits, I thought I might as well try! And so, today, as I urge you all to dress UP not down on a Friday, it seemed to be the perfect time to have a go. I can’t have you all thinking I don’t try to practice what I preach after all! ;-)

So here I am. November 1. A busy 30-something mum and freelancer who has little time to get dressed these days, never mind pick a stylish outfit! I rather like this look, especially as I was up against the clock and battling with an on-the-go toddler.

nov 1 style

nov style 3

style 4

I’m wearing my new French Connection woollen skater skirt in grey (a classic, I’m sure you’ll agree), a simple but chic long sleeved black T-shirt from H&M, purple tights from ‘I honestly can’t remember where’, grey ankle boots from BooHoo, one of my favourite statement necklaces that I’ve owned for about seven years and that never fails to get me many a compliment (from Topshop I think) and finally, my beloved super soft faux fur snood.

style 3

style 5

I’m rather fond of this look. It’s warm, relatively practical and hopefully, rather chic.

As a harassed, tired Mum, I don’t think I’ve done too bad at all. Apart from the fringe that is, which has seemed to have grown considerably over the past few weeks!…now where is my hairdresser when you need her?

Till the next time,






*Many thanks to my husband who I harassed to take the pics and stood outside in the drizzle with me, as I pranced and pouted about. :)

**I’m linking up with Mummy’s Got Style Fashion Friday today too, as per the badge below.
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