Getting on with life in Air & Grace boots

Strutting with Air & Grace

WHAT if I told you I’d found the comfiest boots in the world?

Would you believe me?

It’s a bold claim to make I know. And is of course, pretty darn impossible to prove.

However, if these Air & Grace boots aren’t the comfiest boots in the world, I’m in no doubt, that they will come up close.

Air & Grace boots

My fabulous new boots from Air & Grace

I know quite a bit about shoes you see. In my twenties I was the Editor of Out On A Limb magazine – a specialist publication all about shoes! Besides from being a dream job, I also learnt a great deal about footwear and interviewed many a shoe designer, even meeting the legendary Manolo Blahnik himself.

And what I learnt is this:

Most shoes, which look good and have a heel, are not that comfortable. Of if they are, any comfort is relatively short lived.

Obvious? Well you’d think so but it’s amazing how so many of us buy into the idea that 4 inch heeled stilettos are a breeze to walk and run around in, all day. Carrie Bradshaw may have nailed it that is true, but let’s not forget that running around NYC in designer shoes is something that only fantasies are made of!

Which is why I always say that when it comes to high heels for nights out or glamorous shenanigans, you have to take the pain. Pretty heeled feet may be painful but they are well worth it. (And never forget, Vodka can and does help.)

However when it comes to running around during the day, getting s**t done, carrying your toddler, battling with your to do list, even I am the first to admit, comfort is EVERYTHING.

Yes I want a heel but I also don’t want to break my neck or hobble around the shops, as I wrestle with my two year old daughter on my hip.


Getting on with life in Air & Grace boots

Running about, looking after a toddler and working for myself requires decent footwear!

Elsie posing with Air & Grace


Air & Grace very kindly asked me to chose some footwear from their latest collection which made me a very kiddy gipper and I finally opted for the classic Coachella boot in black.

It was a very tough choice as I was incredibly tempted by the divine leopard print ones (which my lovely pal Vicki brilliantly shows off on her blog Mummys got Style) however I really wanted an ‘everyday’ boot that could take me places.

And guess what, these beautiful bad boys, most definitely do and have!  Since they arrived a few weeks ago, they’ve pretty much not left my feet.


matching poses

Not sure where Elsie gets her poses from ;-)


Elsie taking blogger centre stage

A future style blogger in the making?!


These Air & Grace boots do exactly what I’d hoped. They look great, they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and they are supremely comfortable. I’ll repeat that, they are SUPREMELY comfortable!

They feel a bit like I’m wearing my slippers but are obviously much more stylish and appropriate for going out in public! Yes folks, I am a smitten kitten.

Claire Burrows – the designer behind Air & Grace knows her stuff and it clearly shows. With over 20 years experience in the footwear industry working with big names like Kurt Geiger, Claire has used her knowledge to create an exciting new footwear brand which fuses fashion with function.

Isn’t that good news ladies?!

Her collection is all about style and comfort and features her specially designed Tender Loving Air® technology, allowing busy women to get on with busy lives, in shoes that both look and feel great.

In life, I’m a firm believer that there are times for a tottering heel and there are times for a serious boot, but stepping out in Air & Grace is certainly a happy medium, that makes me well, very happy indeed!

So good in fact, that scrap the walking, I often feel like dancing…

Thank you Air & Grace for finally giving busy women exactly what they need. x


Dancing in Air & Grace

I love how Elsie never lets me dance alone.

Elsie loves Air & Grace too

Air & Grace boots, a hit even with the fussiest of toddlers. Just look at her face! *melts*



Also featuring an ASOS dress, my beloved denim trench, a pale pink cosy scarf (a gift from a friend), a vintage denim shirt and my metallic Lodis bag.

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