IT’S not very often I’m brought to tears by a campaign.

Or moved by a video.

But as soon as I watched this short film, I sobbed. And I’m not one little bit ashamed to admit it.

You’ll see why when you watch it yourself, particularly if – like me – you’re a woman of a certain age. I hope it moves you too. I have no doubt it will.

This video, created by luxury skincare brand SKII couldn’t highlight more, in my opinion, the challenges women face. Every. Single. Day. And in every part of the world.

Whether that’s at home here in the UK, where domestic abuse centres are being forced to close because of budget cuts and our national media judges every famous woman by how they look. Or overseas, in the far east, in China, as in this video.

The challenges women face are so many. We all know this. We live with them, have battled them and are still battling them, day in and day out.

We all face them.

And at times, it’s easy to feel defeated. And natural to think that the world will never change. That women will continue to be treated unfairly, unjustly and appallingly.

That young girls will always be told to play nice, look pretty and keep quiet.

I feel like this often. And I know many of you probably feel the same.

But whenever I feel like this, whenever I feel despondent, I force myself to remember all the many incredible women I know or have heard of. The brave ones. The warriors. The fighters. The life changers.

Women I have met. Women I have read about. And women that I love.

This video is for them. And for you.

A lovely celebration of brave, beautiful, badass women that sends the powerful message, that all of us – regardless of what others may think – deserve to live our lives as we see fit.

Let it fire you up and remind you, that whilst we still have many mountains left to climb and conquer, our journey to create a happier existence for all women everywhere has absolutely begun.



With love,



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