SPONSORED POST: iZettle prove dreams really can come true



AS a proud freelance writer /PR  and blogger, I always do my best to try and support other small businesses.

Why? Well firstly I do it out of solidarity with my fellow self employed comrades and secondly, well, because in my opinion and from personal experience, you just get a much better service from smaller businesses.

There’s no doubt about it. We care more. We go the extra mile. We take more pride. We work our sassy little socks off!

As I’ve said many a time on here before, working for yourself is AMAZING (which is why I recommend it to everyone!) but it’s also very hard work and often stressful.

Small businesses need support from all of us to survive (and I include myself in that!) which is why I absolutely loved this brilliant stunt from iZettle.


In October, for six days, iZettle helped six of Britain’s smallest businesses to open their very own flagship store on Britain’s greatest shopping street.

Each business traded for one day, for 12 hours on Oxford Street, London in the store. And each had a grand opening and a grand closing. Can you imagine? As a small business, if that’s not a dream come true, I don’t know what is!

iZettle – a company which allows small businesses to accept payments with their mobile phones – wanted to remind entrepreneurs that even global brands that we all know and love had to start off somewhere.

That they had to start off small. And more importantly, that they all started off as a dream.

Here’s what happened and how they got on. I warn you, you may find this heart warming little film, incredibly inspiring…



Never forget folks, dreams really can come true. Especially if you work really, really hard, give things a shot and try your very best.

Thanks for the reminder iZettle!



With love,



 *Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post however as always opinions are my own.

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“SPONSORED POST: iZettle prove dreams really can come true”

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