SPONSORED POST: Christmas only works if you believe in the magic

Believe in the magic

ON SATURDAY I went out for a festive afternoon tea in my pyjamas.

Yep really. They were leopard print and really rather fetching as pj’s go.

Naturally I wore them with super heels (the slippers stayed at home on this occasion) and accessorised them to the max. Well it is Christmas after all right?

Anyway, it was a pretty special gathering. There was delicious food, the best Christmas cakes I’ve ever seen (Elsie loved demolishing Rudolf!) and even a visit from Santa.


reindeer cakes

Too cute to eat! (Although Elsie had other ideas!) :-/


We were given gifts, drank tea and ate cake as we listened to lovely Christmas songs and at the end of the afternoon, just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, it snowed. It actually snowed people!

Granted not for long (and it was fake) but still it snowed and it was rather wonderful.

Everyone in that room on Saturday was an adult. There were no children present and yet we all felt that Christmas magic that often alludes us when we become a grown up. We all felt joyful and full of excitement.

And that’s when it really struck me. That’s when I finally got what makes Christmas special.

It’s the little things and the special touches.

It’s when people go the extra mile to make it ‘snow’ or give you a gift that they know you will love.

It’s about people being together, being extra nice to each other and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s about silencing the cynical adult voice in your head and embracing your inner child. About letting go and just appreciating it all for what it is.

Christmas is about MAGIC. Creating it. Believing in it. And most importantly, looking for it.

You are never too old or young to be moved by it’s charm. But for it to work, you have to embrace it. You have to give it a chance.


Merry Christmas


The talented team at KLM have made this lovely little video which I think sums all of this up pretty nicely. It is, I feel, a pretty beautiful reminder about the joy that Christmas brings to little ones who believe in Father Christmas but also to the rest of us, if we allow it.

When I was a little girl, I can vividly remember saying to my Mum that I could see Father Christmas and his reindeer driven sleigh in the sky. I couldn’t of course but such was my imagination and joy, at that moment in time, I totally believed it.

Such is the magic of Christmas.

If you’re not feeling very joyful and are feeling more Scrooge than Santa’s helper right now, then I urge you to watch it. I think it’s charm may just be the tonic to warming your festive cockles a little.



Merry Christmas everyone!

May you and your loved ones see festive magic everywhere. In the unlikeliest of places and even in the midsts of darkness. Be happy, be grateful and love each other.

With love & festive wishes,






P.S And yes I am still working on the bloody dolls house! x

*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post however as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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