IF you’ve been paying attention over the past year or so…

You may have noticed that I have a little thing going that I like to affectionally call #WisdomInHeels on this blog.

It all started as a bit of a photo mission on Instagram, where I planned on posting inspirational words from women every day.

I’ll hold my hands up right now and say I’ve failed on the daily bit. (Ooops!) But I definitely do my best to continue to post wonderful words that I come by on there, whenever I come across them.

And I often share them on this blog too!

(If you’ve paid really close attention, you may have noticed that on Wednesdays I tend to share my favourite #WisdomInHeels quotes.)

Anyhow, today I wanted to take this one step further and share with you not just a mere quote, but a list of stonking good reads.

A menagerie of witty, wise and warm words. All. From. Women.

Why just women?

Well (sorry guys!) but in my opinion women’s voices are too often silenced, too often ignored and too often overlooked.

So I’m on a bit of a mission to do my bit in helping to address the (very) unequal balance.

Here are some brilliant #WisdomInHeels reads for you all to savour.

(And if you love the fact I’m celebrating women’s words then stay tuned folks, stay tuned! Because there’s a hell of a lot more to come about this, in the very near future, that I can promise.)

Cuppas at the ready? Ok, let’s go:

PoutingFINAL 63

This post by Amy Packham will probably make you cry but is a must read about heartache and the importance of appreciating our loved ones.

My friend Jenny has written this brave and soul baring post on motherhood. 

Talking of motherhood, Kim Cattrall illustrates yet another good reason why she’s one of most favourite female celebrities by sharing her thoughts on the topic.

Helen Mirren encourages us all to say f**k off more frequently.

Is there any point in blogging anymore? Elizabeth asks this question and gives her verdict beautifully.

Why do trolls hate feminists so much? I have no bloomin’ idea but this post urges women to keep writing.

Sick of hearing what women should wear, at any given age? Me too. Which is why this post on age discrimination in fashion is rather smashing.

What I’ve learned about domestic violence in a year. Chills your blood this article, but as someone who’s been there and experienced it many years ago, I can tell you it’s spot on. Please read it.  

So there you have it! Belters huh? Which ones have floated your boat in particular today? Or…duh, duh, duh! Which ones have I missed?! Please do let me know.

With love,



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