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THIS time of year makes me incredibly reflective.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about this year, what’s happened – the good and not so good – as I’ve tried to figure out the major lessons I’ve learnt this year.

2014 has been a mixed bag if I’m honest (and yes, I know the year isn’t over yet!). There have been many blessings and some very happy memories but it has also been a huge wake up call.

Because this year, in a major way, I’ve been hit time and time again by the lesson, ‘seeing the truth‘.

As a generally happy go lucky person, one of my greatest traits is that I look for the good in the people. However whilst this is one of my best traits, it’s also my downfall because I have a tendency to ignore glaring warning signs and red flags to my own detriment.

In both people and situations, I always look for the positive, which is admirable I guess but can also leave me very vulnerable.

Seeing the truth about others and about situations should I suppose be the easiest thing in the world, yet for me, it is probably the hardest. Even though I know actions speak louder than words, I still ignore things which are hurtful and choose to see things and people through rose tinted glasses.

Now, however, thanks to this year’s shenanigans, I’ve realised it’s time for those glasses to come of!

It’s good to give folk ‘the benefit of the doubt’,  it’s good to give people a chance and I’m certainly not going to stop seeing the good in situations. But I am really trying to see things as they are ACTUALLY are now, to view people as who they TRULY are and I’m doing my best to stop choosing to see what I want or hope to see.

Basically, I guess we have to love and accept people and situations warts an’ all for who and what they are. (And that includes ourselves too!)

As the magnificent Maya Angelou puts it so beautifully above: “We are only as blind as we want to be.” Indeed!


All About You – How to take part!


So that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately but what about you?! What’s been happening in your world?!

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