Well, well, well my lovers. It’s been a while!

You may have been wondering what I’ve been up to in my absence and the truth is a hell of a lot. As many of you will understand, presently there are just not enough hours in the day.

But beyond the madness of work, motherhood and celebrating many a birthday over the last month (more of that later) I did find the time to take part in a photo shoot with a dear friend of mine and an incredibly talented photographer, the lovely Jane Hewitt.

Frankly, I got sick and tired of dusting off the same old pics for interviews and the like and decided that action was needed. There’s only so many selfies you can use to promote your blog and so I called in a professional.

Below are a small selection of my favourite images from the shoot  that Jane took of me and Elsie a couple of weeks ago on a lovely Thursday morning. You’ll see them popping up on my social media channels soon and of course, you can expect to see them all over the blog in the future.


As always working with Jane was a pleasure. Jane has taken many, many pictures of me before (sorry Jane, no doubt you are sick of this ol’ mug of mine!) including my wedding and bump photographs and as always, we laughed our way through the shoot, giving some crazy ideas a whirl and ditching ones that well…didn’t quite work.

These shots sum up my life pretty perfectly. A busy mum to a busier toddler. A freelancer. A blogger. A juggler of many plates who has a devout fondness for heels (irregardless of their impracticality) and a love of pretty things.

What can I say, suddenly, the pout has just got a whole lot more sophisticated ;-)



Big thank you to Jane and to my lovely Mother In Law Janine (pictured below with Elsie and I) for babysitting as I puckered up, pouted and posed.



It’s good to be back folks. It’s good to be back! See you Friday.






P.S Please do check out some of Jane’s amazing photographs for sale, here. x


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