Ok, so granted this headline is a little random but bear with me!

You see I came across this quote the other week which really made me smile and I really wanted to share it with you all.

Woman devil quote

Honestly, I love this quote so much I just can’t stop thinking about it. So much so, that over the last week (which has been pretty rubbish by all accounts) these few words have spurred me on to keep smiling when the going has got, well, a little tough.

To me this quote is all about facing each and every day with a fire in your belly and a steely determination to make the most out of life, to do good work wherever and whenever you can and to make a difference in your world.

It’s about grit and courage, bouncing back up when life knocks you down and having the self belief that you can deal with whatever curveballs life decides to lob in your direction.

It’s about the best of womankind and represents women, the world over, who get up every day, tackle their problems, achieve success, care for their families and do the very best that they can, often against all the odds and with little or no recognition.

It’s about becoming the kind of inspiring, fearless and gutsy woman that we dream of. The kind of woman who could easily look the devil straight in the eye and say with much conviction:

Don’t mess with me Devil. I’ve dealt with trickier characters than you.

Let’s face it, it’s relatively easy to bounce out of bed in the morning all filled with good intention when life is sweet and everything is hunky dory, but it’s quite another thing to do it when all is not well in your world. And so it’s for those tricky times that I share this lovely, funny quote with you.

Hopefully, if and when those challenging days do dawn, it’ll remind you to be the ‘best’ woman you can be and to go and kick that devil’s ass! It’s certainly worked for me.

Till the next time,




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