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TO be truly ‘sassy’ you need to know who you are and what you’re all about.

Because let’s face it, when we’re uncertain about what makes us truly tick, it’s hard for us to be at our best and realise our full potential!

In part three of my ‘Get Sassy!’ series, the very lovely Rachael Hibberd from Instinctive Health provides some brilliant advice on how to get to know yourself a little better. (And offers a very relaxing giveaway too! Scroll down to the bottom for details.)

I first met Rachael when I was pregnant when she expertly performed heavenly maternity reflexology on my tired, swollen pregnant feet! And I tell you, if anyone can make you feel calmer and more centered in life, then Rachael can.

So sit back, make a little ‘you time’, work down Rachael’s top tips and get to know yourself a little better. Here begins your ‘who am I?’ adventure! Are you ready?!

Over to Rachael…


Getting to know yourself, inside out, is a never-ending story.

Everything molds and shapes us into the people we are. Our environment, experiences, people and even the change in seasons will have an influence. We never stay the same for long, which is why we will be getting to know ourselves forever!

It’s not always an easy task; at times it can be incredibly challenging. You will be faced with the good, the bad and the ugly.

But it’s an adventure that will change you into a more beautiful person and give you a greater understanding and empathy for all aspects of human nature.

Here are my top four ways in which to get to know yourself a little better:

* Keep a journal of self-reflection

Write down how you feel about different situations that you’re faced with. Get on record what you like and dislike about food, travel, work and life.

Then, every now and again, read back over the journal entries and consider:

  • Do you still feel the same?
  • Has something happened to change your views?
  • Would you like to feel differently?
  • If yes, what’s holding you back?

Once your thoughts and feelings are written down there is no hiding from them. Your journal becomes evidence of how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learnt about yourself. I promise you’ll be amazed!

* Make time to be still

Life is full of distractions and external influences that engulf our attention. It’s happening more and more since the dawn of the Internet and social media.

We’re too busy listening to other people’s opinions and discoveries to forge and find our own.  So what’s the answer?

Simply this: reduce and be a bit choosier about what you allow yourself to be exposed to. Treat yourself to designated distraction free times.

If you’re new to quiet contemplation and meditation, here’s a great way to get started; just ten minutes three times per week can give you a real insight into what really makes you tick!

  • Set a timer so you don’t have to look at your clock or watch.
  • Remove yourself from all distractions. Switch off phones, T.V’s, laptops and hide newspapers and magazines.
  • Find a comfortable sitting position.
  • Close your eyes and start to become aware of your breathing. No need to change your breathing in any way, just become aware of the tiny movements in your chest and abdomen.
  • Your mind will drift away and start thinking about all sorts of things. When it does, just acknowledge that thought, put it on your imaginary shelf for later and bring your attention back to your breathing.
  • When the beeper goes off, spend a few quiet moments thinking about how stillness made you feel? Jot your thoughts down in your journal and go about your day.

Each time you repeat the exercise it will be a different experience. Some days you’ll switch off really easily and on others your mind will be having a great game of ping-pong. On those ping-pong days don’t get frustrated, just observe it and carry on.

* Step out of your comfort zone

You don’t have to go as far as rough camping in a jungle, but you must break away from the norm every now and again.

I’m always most pleased when something I thought I’d hate or be rubbish at turns out to me my new thing! But I’m also equally as perplexed when the one thing I thought would be right up my street turns into something I loath.

When we put ourselves in new or unusual circumstances we learn the most about our character and resolve.

* Revisit things

Have you ever noticed that the food you used to detest has suddenly become more palatable, maybe even delicious?

Or perhaps you put on your favourite dress, look in the mirror and say, what was I thinking?!

The truth is you’ve changed; you’re no longer the same person. Experiences, people, circumstances have changed your tastes and perceptions.

So keep trying old things again and again. You might still hate them but there’s a very good chance you might discover something that you hadn’t even realised you were missing.

Don’t ever make the mistake of always thinking you know what you are and you know what you like.



Fancy winning a one hour gift voucher for a massage or reflexology appointment with Rachael in Sheffield?

Simply answer this question, leaving your answer in the comment section.

When did you last spend time getting to know yourself and what did you discover?

A winner will be chosen early June. Good luck! x

Till the next time, remember it’s never too late to become the person you were born to become.



**For more information on Rachael and her services, as well as fabulous health and lifestyle advice, check out Rachael’s wonderful new blog here **

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7 Discussions on
“SASS: How to get to know yourself (every single inch)…”
  • I spent two years getting to know myself recently due to being referred for psychotherapy for my depression. Whilst it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, I know a lot more about myself than when I started! I discovered that whilst I’m now in my thirties I’m emotionally still about fifteen! I have a really bad habit if making sure everyone else is OK whilst not taking care of myself emotionally. I’m a lot kinder to myself now but I’ve still got a really long way to go… I understand now how people can spend their lives in therapy, you can never stop learning about yourself.

    • Thanks for sharing Jennifer! So glad to hear that you’re making progress and being kinder to yourself!

      I can definitely relate to making sure everyone else is ok! I have always struggled with looking after myself and my needs but like you, am getting better at it. Keep up the good work :) x

  • What wonderful advice. Taking time out to chill and just be is so hard with little ones and deadlines always looming but so, so important. Writing and blogging is so thereupetic too and I always thinking noting down your achievements and reflecting on everything you have done so far (whatever they may be) is a great way to regain confidence lost and realise quite how fabulous are. We are all too self critical! Thanks for this…would love to win some reflexology, I adore it and it’s been so long since I’ve had it! Vx

    • Thanks for sharing Vicki and I agree, writing and blogging can be incredibly therapeutic and a great tool to track progress and development :) x

  • I have spent almost the last year getting to know myself a little better, I have been and am still currently on a course to become a massage therapist and my outlook now is somewhat different to when I first started the course, I was very much at a cross roads in my life and I didn`t know where my journey was going to take me, I now understand who I am and where I want to be…I am more confident and open than I was a year ago, I have re-discovered that there is caring and loving people in this world…and the amazing value of touch…..although this course has been a struggle at a few stages for me I have come to the conclusion that anything that has any worth is absolutely worth the struggle, at the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was intelligent enough, good enough or of worth myself, now I understand that its all mind over matter and I am always now discovering what I am capable of, there has been a lot of firsts for me over this year, this was the very first essay I ever wrote, the first massage I have ever had, the first time I had/have some trust in myself and in June it will be the first time of sitting an exam (fingers crossed for a pass)……Thank you this lovely artificial and the fab advice :O) x Kindest regards

    • Suzi, you are amazing! So pleased to hear of your fantastic firsts this year.

      Keep up the brilliance and best of luck with competition! :) x

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