SASS: Do you have integrity?


I’M currently sat here in bed feeling really sorry for myself as I try to get over a nasty sick bug.

(Yep, another one, passed on from little Elsie and picked up from nursery! The joys ey?!)

Anyway, because of that, today’s post is less of me waffling and more about you, thinking and putting that precious grey matter to good use. As my brain cells aren’t firing on all cylinders right now, I want you to work yours instead today!

And so today, as you go about your daily business, I want you to think about this question:

Do YOU have integrity?

Integrity is something I’ve been thinking an awful lot about recently, in terms of those people I know who may or may not have it and more importantly, in regards to myself too.

When I wrote this piece on being sassy  back in February, I mentioned how important it is to ‘know who you are’ but on reflection, I’d like to change this slightly to: ‘know who you are and live your life truthfully and accordingly.’

Because integrity isn’t just about being honest with yourself. No siree. It’s about living truthfully and being honest with everyone else.

It’s more than just knowing and is all about showing. Demonstrating what you stand for and what you believe in to the big ol’ world, every single day.

It’s about living your life with truth and honesty. About keeping your promises. Owning your values. Living by your morals. Of sticking your head up to speak when everyone else is shying away. About having the strength of your convictions and being true to your word.

Living our lives with integrity has to be one of the greatest things we can aspire to. Because not only will it provide us with purpose and direction, it will also attract good people to us and enable people to trust in us.  And really, what can be better than that?!

So to go back to my question… if your answer is no, or maybe, or yes, but not enough, then perhaps it’s time to get honest with yourself and do a little work.

Because that’s the beauty of trying to live with integrity, the more you think about it and work on improving it, the easier it seems to become.

A little food for thought anyway.


Have an amazing day and do pop by if you can tomorrow for an extra special post in which I’ll be talking about one of the most surreal experiences of my life to date, my cover girl moment! Yes folks, all will be revealed…





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