Rose gold and pretty flowers…

close up bracelets

WHEN it comes to jewellery, big usually equals better for me.

Or at least normally it does. I’m renowned amongst friends for my fan-dabby-dozzy chandelier earrings (Pat Butcher is my earring idol) and I’ve had a long love affair with statement necklaces and chunky embellished cuffs.

But over the past year or so, I’ve started a new romance with daintier pieces of jewellery. Pieces that don’t scream but whisper. Pieces I can wear everyday.

One of my favourites is an antique looking white gold locket embellished with little diamonds, stunning and extra precious because it was my first ever Mother’s day gift.

However recently I’ve also become very attached to delicate rose gold pieces. So delicate, so pretty, so flattering to my naturally pale, slightly freckled, typical English rose type skin.

Such as these adorable bracelets that I wear on my left wrist.

bracelets close up 2

The stunning one with crystals (a gift from Chelly’s Jewellery) catches any few rays of sunshine beautifully (I’ll always be a bit of a magpie) whilst the one with the ‘funny shape’ has become my jewellery talisman. The bracelet features the Brow Chakra which represents intuition, perception and imagination and I wear it constantly as a reminder to listen to my gut and trust my instinct.

Late last year I visited a psychic medium who told me I had an incredibly powerful intuition (something I’ve always known) but that my big downfall is that I often ignore my inner wisdom to my peril. No truer words have been said!

Spookily just a few weeks later, Daisy Jewellery invited me to chose a piece from their Chakra collection and so naturally, as soon as I spotted this one, I knew it was the one for me.  And now I never take it off.

rose gold pendant

Also, although I’m not usually one for delicate necklaces, this delicate drop pearl rose gold pendant (similar to this one) is fast becoming a dear friend.

I love how it is understated yet feminine and also how it pretty much goes with everything I wear. It’s also great to wear layered with other pieces too. And I’ve got no doubt that as the months advance and the weather (hopefully) gets warmer, it will be getting more than it’s fair share of outings.

Finally, can we all take a moment to appreciate my new tattoos. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

delicate jewellery and temporary tattoos

I should quickly add that no, they are not real – but  gorgeous temporary body art from the incredible PAPERSELF who kindly sent me these stunning creations by Jessica Man to try.

I’ve always dabbled with the idea of getting a ‘real’ tattoo but always shied away from doing so, because I’m forever fearful of getting stuck with a design that I will end up regretting or getting bored with.

And I have to say, when beautiful temporary tattoos like these are so damn good, why on earth would you bother? And this is coming from someone who had to be convinced to try them. Jessica, thank you for converting me!

Flower art and rose gold – two of my new most favourite things. I ask you ladies, what could be prettier?!


Many thanks to Chelly’s Jewellery and to PAPERSELF. X

With love,



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“Rose gold and pretty flowers…”

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