YOU know what’s it’s like.

At the beginning of any relationship, you just can’t get enough of each other. You’re mad for each other.

Crazy and full of non stop passion.

But eventually life takes over. (It has to)

And careers and deadlines and children and houses, and everything else, takes all of your attention.

Our love lives can often be put unintentionally on the ol’ back burner as we deal with everything else.

And that non stop passion?

Well, if we’re not careful it can fizzle out.

It sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it?

But it’s not. (I promise)

Because the good news is passion can be rekindled. Those fires can be lit again!

There are many ways of doing this of course but today, in association with Durex, I want to talk about using travel to bring the spark back.

Because in my humble opinion, there’s nothing really like a change of scene to get your love life back on track.


beach together


Take a child free break

If only for one night. One night away for you and your loved one to have some quality time together. (Preferably between the sheets.)

Children are one of life’s greatest blessings but they’re also brilliant at dampening rising passions. Night wakings, early mornings and interruptions do little for anyone’s libido.

So take a break. Enjoy some peace and quiet and treat yourselves to a lovely night away.


Go somewhere exotic

There’s something about travelling to an exotic location that does wonder for a flagging love life.

Being away from home in a location that is so unusual to us, can heighten our senses, make us feel alive and feed our souls.

So next time you’re thinking about booking a holiday, consider visiting a far flung place, instead of your usual travel haunts and prepare to be spellbound. By each other.


Stay somewhere that ‘screams’ romance

You know what I’m talking about.

A log cabin with a roaring fire hidden away in a mountain. A bohemian gypsy caravan with no electricity but plenty of candles. A room in a stunning boutique hotel with room service and a huge four poster bed. A cottage near a deserted beach where you can take long walks together.

These kind of places may be obvious romantic locations but they’re obvious for a reason, because they work!

Stay in a place that is sexy and romantic and feel that passion rise. Huge beds, fires and beaches? You really can’t go wrong.

GC Elsie delight


Do something exciting!

There’s nothing like doing something exciting to get you feeling, well excited! Oh, la, la!

So next time you’re on holiday, step outside your comfort zone and go and do something, anything, exciting. Together.

Be active and daring and do a bungee jump, go up in the skies in a helicopter or take a hot air ballon ride! Have some fun together and get those pulses racing!


Get naked

Ok, I’m not just talking about in the bedroom here, although obviously that’s what we are after!

Nope I’m talking nudism. It may not be your thing, but if you like walking around in the buff, enjoy the feeling of sun on your skin and can keep a straight face, well then you may just want to consider visiting a nudist beach!

Sure, it’s not for everyone but if you fancy the thought, why not?!

If nothing else, you’ll be able to have a good ol’ chuckle about it later. (And it’s bound to do wonders for your body confidence too.)


Relax and enjoy each other’s company

Attraction and passion, has to happen way before you even reach a bedroom. Especially for women.

Which is why any holiday that offers an opportunity to kick back, relax and just enjoy being with each other, can do absolute wonders for anyone’s relationship.

Whether you’re walking around a historic city like Florence hand in hand or watching the sun set on a Greek island, the main thing is to enjoy each other’s company and be present, together, in the moment.

It may not sound the stuff of ‘bonk busters’, but lasting passion and lasting love, often needs a little more TLC than va va voom.

So be tender, sweet and loving. Enjoy being together.

And mark my words, those moments of hot loving won’t be too far away.


With love,






Disclaimer – This post was created in collaborating with Durex.

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8 Discussions on
  • Yes yes yes! Hubby & I had our first over night away from all three children last weekend, and I can wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone. Life with kids is hard bloody work, and taking a little break from them (while safe in the knowledge that they were being well looked after by their grandparents) was just what we needed. Fab post honey xxx

    • Thanks lovely. It’s so important isn’t it?! Easily forgotten in the midst and craziness of life.But that time together, away from the kids and the norm does wonders! Glad you had a lovely time ;-) xxx

  • Katie, it has been THAT long since I travelled (actually, it was our honeymoon) that I cannot even tell you if travel makes a difference to us. I know that we’ve been in a non-stop haze of baby-years up until now, with two kids 18-months apart in age. Babies seriously put a dampener on your desire to bonk – it certainly has for us (me).

    Funny, my friend and I were saying that where you used to have the whole day to do it, now you only have the evening (if they do go to sleep), and that window of free time is frequently spent desperately trying to keep your eyes open. And I don’t know about you, but sex whilst shattered is bad sex.

    Even funnier (I will leave it here, because this is a very long comment), I’m actually writing a blog post about condoms, right now. It’s about the embarrassment of purchasing them. I don’t know if I’ll hit ‘publish’. I seem to scrap a lot of posts these days. Loved this – and hopefully Ian and I will get to put the travel suggestion to the test soon! xx

    • Ah bless you – I love you! (Thanks for using the word ‘bonk’ today too, hasn’t half cheered me up!) It’s tough isn’t it?! And I know exactly what you mean about shattered sex. I feel like I’m winning if I just manage to stay awake on a Friday night past 9, nevermind anything else! ;-) x

  • It’s only been fairly recently that I’ve even considered the idea of a night away, I just wasn’t comfortable with leaving Cheeky Chap with someone else overnight, largely because even at the age of five years old he can be a bit of a nightmare to get to bed and he ends up in our bed most nights still. Maybe we will manage it one day in the not too distant future! x

    • I can completely understand that! You have to feel right and ready. But hopefully one day soon, you’ll feel you’re at that point! x

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