OK so the weather may not exactly be playing ball right now, but we are now well and truly in spring!

Which when it comes to our homes, means one thing only, it’s time for a good ol’ ‘spring clean’ and a sort out.

I don’t know about you but I always think there’s something rather lovely and motivating about having a good tidy up. Getting organised. Throwing junk out. Renovating your decor.

The winter months are all about cosiness to me; dark nights, snuggly throws and lots and lots of candles. But spring? Well it just makes you want to throw open your windows doesn’t it? And your doors and your closets too.

There’s lots I’ve got planned when it comes to my home this season. And don’t even get me started on the garden.

But my main focus is to concentrate on the upstairs of our home, and in particular my office and our two main bedrooms.

Personally, I don’t like to see lots of clutter around.

I wouldn’t go far as to say I’m a neat freak (although others might!) but it’s fair to say, I like things to have their place. Organisation isn’t something which comes easily to me, so having the right kind of furniture and the right kind of tools, definitely helps!

And talking of furniture, the older I get, the more I find that quality is what I’m after. I want pieces that last, pieces that have been well made, pieces that are both functional and lovely to look at.

Wooden furniture ticks all these boxes for me. In particular I love a good wooden chest of drawers. The smell of the wood, the weightiness of the drawers and the way in which they open.

So I’m seriously considering treating me and my little family to one. Something like this stunning ‘rustic oak’ piece from Quercus Living. Just looking at the drawers makes me think of the many treasures I could squirrel away in it and how much neater our lives would be!

And also, how I’d dress them…



They really are a blank, beautiful, functional ‘canvas’ aren’t they, when it comes to furniture? Just gorgeous and I love the way in which they never go out of style.

Wooden pieces sure aren’t cheap, but when they do such a good job of helping you see the wood from the trees at home, I reckon they’re worth every penny.

What are your home / interior plans for spring? How do you plan on clearing the clutter?!


With love,






Disclaimer – This post was written in collaboration but as always, my opinion and words are my own.

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  • Spring always feels like a new beginning home-wise, totally agree! We need to paint the entire house.. not quite as exciting as new furniture buys. Love this cute chest of drawer set xx

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