Poutalicious heels!…

WHEN I saw these shoes I almost squealed with delight because they are just so poutalicious!

When I decided to name this blog ‘Pouting In Heels’ I never imagined for one minute that I’d come across a pair of shoes that seemed to sum up my blog name so perfectly! ;-)


Poutilicious heels from Kandee Shoes

These fabulous ‘lip’ embellished summer shoes are part of the Kandee SS12 LOUD collection and retail at £180.

Designed by ‘Mr Kandee’ himself (otherwise known as 22 year old British CEO and designer Josh Wyman), these shoes are the perfect antidote to dreary days.

I love how unashamedly cheerful, bright and playful they are. And as heels go, surely there can be none more poutalicious than these?!

To view the Kandee LOUD SS12 collection, visit kandeeshoes.com

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7 Discussions on
“Poutalicious heels!…”
  • After wearing shoes, not quite as glitzy, but equally as high as these poutalicious heels for such a long time (being only 5ft 4 they help), I’m now in a situation where I need some help adapting to a lower heel without losing a : cool, sassy, elegant, chic and polished look.
    I damaged a tendon in my foot during a really energetic yoga session, which had me visit both the doctor and the podiatrist. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and over pronation and told strictly to ditch the heels. I was supplied with a set of orthotic insoles and told I must wear them in every pair of shoes I wear.
    The insoles are great, I have to admit, and yes, I accept that I now have a common foot problem. What I find hard to swallow is the choice of footwear that these insoles actually fit inside. They work fine in my hiking trainers and hiking boots, but most of the time I’m in a smart dress for work. I ended up with a pair of Velcro strap wide fitting Mary Jane shoes, which I guess are fine, but I do feel a little like ‘Minnie-Mouse’ and the Velcro flings off if I make to more than walk (no more running to the car before the traffic warden gets to it)
    Ladies, where can I find lovely shoes that don’t fit into the ‘comfy-shoes’ category, please don’t tell me Clarks, I’ll cry…

    • Hi Gail,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sure there are brands that
      do super stylish heels at a lower height :-)

      Have you tried looking online? Somewhere like loveyourshoes.com should
      have a nice selection.

      Also, I know you won’t believe me but you don’t need high heels to look fab.
      You always look lovely!



  • Those heels look extremely bright and vibrant and I have never seen anything like it. These heels are clearly the result of a designer who knows how to add some sparkle into one’s life. A very interesting design!

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