Pouting In Heels is named as a top baby blog!…


SOMETIMES when I occasionally lose my blogging mojo, I wonder why I am spending so much time beavering away, when I could be sat with my feet up relaxing.

And the incredible thing, is that, usually, just when I’m feeling especially fed up, something amazing happens and my blogging joy returns.

Something, just like this. Yes folks, I’m not going to deny that I’m as pleased as punch to tell you that Pouting In Heels has been cited as one of the top 100 baby related blogs to follow in 2013. *punches air* ;-)

Here is the full list in all it’s fine glory. You’ll find this blog at number 90. Enjoy! x

Till the next time, protect your precious mojo.


xTop 100 Baby blogs to follow

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


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