Pouting In Heels’ first ever birthday card. Huge thanks to my wonderful friend Laura for surprising me with this, this morning :)

TODAY is a special day…

Because this blog of mine which started as just an online place where I could ramble about stuff and share pretty things, has turned three years old!

Admittedly still a young ‘un by all blogging accounts but there’s no doubt about it, it’s growing up fast.

The last three years have been incredible. Sure, it’s not all been plain sailing, there have been times when I haven’t had the time or inclination to blog, times when I’ve felt like I had nothing to offer (get a grip Kate!) and times when I’ve almost pulled the plug.

However, I’ve never – even on my darkest blogger days – been able to let Pouting In Heels go. Elsie may be my baby (ok, toddler) but this blog is my online child and bar a few tantrums, it’s done me proud.

There have been so many highlights (I talk about some of them here) and I’ve learnt SO much about blogging (I talk about that here) but in a way this is only the start. Because folks, thing are about to get serious.

Ooooo- er!

Yep, Pouting In Heels has grown so much over the past 12 months that after much umming and aahing (and a nudge from a psychic!) I’ve made the decision to cut back on my freelancing work so I can dedicate more time and energy to the blog and say to you all, (with a very deep breath), that I am now a professional blogger.

The blog has been earning really good money for about the past six months (often much more than some of my freelancing work) and so it’s time to knuckle down and take things more seriously. My readership has also grown dramatically in the past year (which is what makes me happiest of all!) and so I think now is the time to see just where this blog can really take me.

Pouting In Heels was never created to be a professional blog but it’s brought me such good fortune and amazing opportunities, that I finally think it’s time I showed it more respect and give it much more of me!

So what does that mean for you guys? Well hopefully more of the good stuff!

More of the posts that you love (which are generally the ones that take hours to write!), more exciting brands to tell you about, bigger competitions, more time to reply to your comments and the most important of all, more time to try and help all of us feel better about ourselves.

Because that is what really floats my boat. That is what drives me to make this blog bigger and better.

When I started Pouting In Heels it was never my intention to try and inspire other women or help them in some way. However, it’s become very clear over the past three years that what you guys love, is when I share a little bit of my soul with you or a few pearls of wisdom that I’ve managed to pick up along the way.

And so this is what I intend to do more of.

I’m absolutely no expert, guru or life coach. And there are many more women out there who know much more than I do. However I am passionate. I do care. I am sick of the rubbish women have to put up with throughout their lives and I want to do my little bit to try and improve things.

I’m just an ordinary woman who is trying to create an extraordinary life for herself and I want more women to feel they are able to and entitled to do the same. That’s what I’m aiming for people! That’s the goal.

Finally, I simply cannot end this post without saying thank you to YOU. And to all of you, who have supported, encouraged and inspired me along the way.

Writing is something I have always done and always wanted to do. But the fact that so many of you pop by to read my stuff, leave a comment or share something you’ve enjoyed never fails to make me happy or humbled.

Truly, your support makes me the happiest 35 year old woman in the world and for that, I will always be so grateful.

So thank you for being part of my blogging journey and now, if you don’t mind, I’d like us to make a toast to Pouting In Heels and to YOU. *lifts up mug of builder’s tea*

Cheers everyone! Here’s to you and to me and to making our lives a hell of a lot more fabulous.

(Oh, and if you’re new to the blog and have no idea what I’m about or if you have some time on your hands and fancy a read, here are some of my most popular posts for you to have a nosey at. x)

Right, now where’s that birthday cake?…



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With love and gratitude,






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61 Discussions on
  • Congratulations and good news that you can now dedicate more time to it!

    I’m fascinated that you’re earning money from the blog, as I didn’t think it was monetized (I don’t notice adverts, or am I missing something?!)

    Maybe you could include posts about how to turn into a professional blogger now too, I’d love to get some tips!

    Helen xxx

    • Thanks Helen! It is monetized sometimes but not through adverts (yet) but through carefully selected sponsored posts.

      (In a nutshell I work with brands that I love and think you guys will too. I’m living the dream!)

      And yes, I’ll do my best to share more tips as I go on! x

      • Great! I think it works really well the way you’re doing it, as the reader isn’t being bombarded with adverts, it’s much more discrete!

        Keep up the good work and good luck for the future! xxx

  • What a gorgeous post sweetpea, huge congrats on all your success, you have achieved so much and will continue to thrive, you know how much I love you and your blog. Isn’t blogging just so flipping amazing- the last few years have seen it explode and it’s only going to get bigger and stronger. I started mine a year before you but went pro 2 1/2 years ago as you know, after a career directing. I decided not to monetise much at first and even had a 5 month break would you believe after my first year when I was on set, directing- but my love for my blog deepened, it has and continues to make me happier than ever and as you say it pays so well (that’s advertising for you). Friendship, incredible opportunities for our kids and importantly flexible working hours has meant it’s levelled the playing field for us working parents, there’s quite honestly no other job as stimulating and diverse as blogging in my opinion!

    Keep rocking lady xx

    • Thank you so much beautiful lady! You’re absolutely right in everything you say about blogging. It’s such a wonderful world to be part of.

      Thank you for being such a huge inspiration. You know how much I adore your work and all you stand for. This comment made me a little teary eyed! :) XXX

  • Wow, inspiring stuff. My very best wishes to you. They say ‘out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens’ so, well done you for being brave. Xx

    • Thanks Juliet. I’m very good at forcing myself out of the comfort zone (Some would say reckless!) but yes you’re right, as they say “fortune favours the bold.” Here’s hoping i’m right this time too! ;-) x

  • Wow that’s a bit exciting! Your blog is fabulous as I’m sure you know so this makes me happy that there is going to be more Pouting in Heels to look forward to. Congratulations on all the success and good luck for the future, although I doubt your going to be needing that! Xx

    • Ah thanks Franki! I’ve been wanting to do it for ages but the time definitely feels right now. And if the psychic tells me i should follow my gut about this, then who am I to argue? Thank you for your support and friendship as always xxx

  • Congratulations lovely Katie! I am so happy you have made that decision. i love your blog and believe this is definitely the right move for you. I have been blogging for almost 6 years (next month), but it has been past 2-3 years that have meant the biggest changes i the blogging world, and also meant I was able to go pro as well and lead my career as a professional blogger too. I love it, and it fits perfectly around my life as a full time mum, and has brought me so many opportunities I would have never even dreamt about. Here is to your even bigger success! xxx

    • Thanks Mirka! This means SUCH a lot coming from you. Your success is totally inspiring to me and yes you’re absolutely right, blogging is such a wonderful thing to do and a wonderful way to earn money and make life much more exciting! Much love xxx

  • Woo hoo!! I was SO happy to read this today – fantastic news! As one of the bloggers who’s writing I most admire (proud to call you a friend honey, even if it’s mostly virtual!) I’m so excited that you’ve taken the plunge and decided to go pro. When I decided to monetize Bod for tea I had no idea where it would take me and it’s amazing what you can end up doing from local press to radio interviews and working with fabulous companies that really GET blogging and it’s power. Here’s to your success darling! *raises mug*

  • Wow, a big happy birthday to you. My blog is still less than a year old but I love it. You’ve achieved so much through yours, I hope to achieve half of your success then I would be a very happy lady. It takes a lot of time and dedication but it’s always enjoyable and I love the opportunities that blogging brings! Now go and enjoy that slice of cake lovely lady xx

    • Thank you so much! So thrilled to hear you’re loving blogging, it’s what it’s all about! It is such hard work that we have to love it! (Otherwise what’s the point?!) I’m sure your blog will bring you all manner of good stuff in the future, keep at it! x

  • Sorry I am late to the party!! I know I expressed my LOVE for your blog over on Facebook. But I needed to here!! Hooray!! Happy Blog Birthday to you lovely lady and so many more to come please! Your posts are inspiring, empowering and full of love!! xx

  • Happy blogversary lovely lady, and huge congrats on all your success. It’s certainly no surprise that you’ve decided to go pro :-) really hope I’ll be following in your footsteps soon, because I’m learning the hardest way that the corporate world is no longer for me. I get paid too well to just walk away though. Big mwah, you deserve this xxx

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Yay! Congratulations on becoming a professional blogger. I love your blog and can’t wait to read lots more posts. I always find it funny that when I write it is the posts that give a piece of me that get the best reception. They are the posts that take the most work (as you said) but they are also the posts where I feel sick before pressing “publish”. There is so much in society putting women down and dictating how we should be. We need more inspiration and more voices stating that we are fab as we are. So carry on writing this amazing blog lovely. And continue writing your wonderful words filled with wit and wisdom. We, your readers, love them. Thanks again for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  • Huge congratulations darling Kate! As you know you have long been one of my favourite bloggers, and I adore your writing style. I’m so delighted for you that you are taking ownership of the organic process that is leading you to be a pro blogger! As Vicki said above,,it really does give is fantastic opportunities and time with our family (when we’re not burning the midnight oil on posts!) – wishing you masses of continued successes, may your star always shine lovely girl! Thanks also for linking to #AllAboutYou xxx

  • Ah exciting times! I’m slowly going pro too so it’s fab to hear things have worked out for you. Like you, I’m a freelance journalist too and there seem to be so many opportunities out there, I am hoping to focus on them, as I love what I’m doing. My blog is still very new compared to yours, but I’m really excited about taking this next step. Good luck to you xx #brilliantblogposts

  • From one pro blogger to anther, Kate… CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I made the decision to do it 18 months ago and couldn’t be more relieved that I did. You’ve got just the right attitude that’ll both see you do well professionally and continue to please and inspire your readers – I’m sure lots of pro bloggers simply lose touch of why they started blogging in the first place, and that’s what I never try to forget. You’ll be absolutely great, and good luck!!

    Catherine x

    P.S. I don’t think you’re on the mailing list for the 30-40 Blogger event I’m hosting in May (are you)? I wondered if you might be interested? I know it’s a fair way for you (it’ll be in Reading) but I thought I’d let you know. A few others are coming down from Yorkshire so I could always put you all in touch to car share or something. IF you’ve talked about it to me in the past and said you can’t go or something and I’ve forgotten, apologies!!! Details here > http://bit.ly/notlamb-3040bloggermeet

  • Congratulations and well done! This is really inspiring so thank you for sharing :) 3 years is such an achievement and I bet you can’t wait to see what comes next now you’ve made that decision. Mim at http://www.mamamim.com #brilliantblogposts

  • Huge congratulations!!! What an achievement and big step! I have always wondered at what point readership is sufficient to say that you are a pro-blogger?! Perhaps that is something you could cover in one of your future blogs. I have no idea when big is big enough!

    • Thanks Vicki! And thanks for the future blog post idea. For me, it’s been a natural progression but I realised i needed to take that important leap when my blog began earning more money for me than my freelancing work and some of my posts started to go viral and attract a much larger readership. X

  • wow, this is a really exciting post, I feel like I am totally late to the party as I have never visited your blog before. I am really inspired though, and hope to learn more from you! Congratulations on your move to the pro world!

  • Great news Kate! Is it a bit terrifying/sad to let go of your freelance work, or are you just that damn excited about the prospect of taking Pouting in Heels to infinity and beyond? I enjoy reading your blog a hella lot, and I am excited for you that you’ve made this decision. So chin chin (Fiona holds up her half-drunk mug of luke warm, oat milk coffee) – here’s to Pouting in Heels – the Professional Edit! xx


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