Pout of Approval: The Baby-Making Bible

FOR all those who are trying for a baby or perhaps thinking about trying sometime soon, this post is especially for you. Here’s a book I cannot recommend highly enough:

A wonderful book for all those hoping to conceive


The Baby-Making Bible by Emma Cannon is quite simply, brilliant. Interesting, easy to read and incredibly helpful, it’s also warm, comforting and positive in it’s tone, which is exactly what you need when you’re trying to conceive.

Blending ancient Chinese wisdom with Western medicine, this book aims to help all those who are trying for a baby, be that naturally or through fertility treatment. I LOVE this book and although I will never really know, I do believe that the wisdom within its pages helped me to become a mum-to-be; which is exactly why this lovely book gets my ‘pout of approval‘. :-)



Some of the suggestions in the book may sound unusual (for eg one piece of advice I had to follow was not to eat cold food straight from the fridge!) but bizarrely they really do seem to work.

If you’re looking for a fertility book which is gentle, empowering and more holistic in its approach, then this may very well be the book for you. It certainly was for me. Enjoy and good luck!

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You can find out more information about Emma Cannon and her services at: emmacannon.co.uk

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“Pout of Approval: The Baby-Making Bible”

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