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POUT OF APPROVAL: Tea infusions from the Bluebird Tea Co.

Pout of approval bluebird

MY name is Katie and I am a tea-aholic.

No really, I totally am.

When it comes to tea, I just can’t get enough. I drink umpteen cups of the stuff all day long.

But whilst I do love a good cup of ‘normal’ tea (Yorkshire Tea is my always my preferred option for this) over the years I have started to cut back on Yorkshire’s finest and opt for healthier and alternative tea infusions instead.

In my kitchen cupboards, I have everything from Earl Grey to Camomile, Dandelion to Nettle, Peppermint to Green, which basically means that whatever life throws at me, there is a special tea in my cupboard to help me deal it.

Rather understandably then, I was excited beyond belief, when the fabulous Bluebird Tea Company oh so kindly sent me a goodie bag of their incredible tea infusions.

The company specialises in ‘tea mixology’, creating unique and fun blends of loose leaf tea which not only taste great but look amazing and smell delicious too.

Tea sachets

Tea leaves and rosebuds

In my goodie (tea) bag, I received the following concoctions:

All Things Nice –  a delicate sweet blend of jasmine white tea, rose buds, cinnamon and liquorice

Elderflower Champagne – an elderflower citrus Oolong blend 

Dozy Girl – a soothing blend of chamomile, lavender and rose

Cherry Lips -a green tea with cherry and rose petals

Earl’s Paradise – a delicious earl grey with a papaya and strawberry twist

Tea brewing

Close up of tea brewing

Tea poured

And my verdict?

Well all of the teas taste incredible, beyond incredible in fact. I’ve tried many varieties of tea in my time and these are without doubt the best blends I’ve ever tried.

But what I love – almost as much as the incredible taste – is how these teas look when they are brewing and how incredible they smell. All of the blends look so pretty and smell heavenly.

Seriously, I’ve never known tea to look or smell or taste as good, which is why I have to give this company my special Pout Of Approval.

The only problem I have with the tea is that as my teapot isn’t glass, I miss out on watching the delicate, intoxicating concoctions come to life. So as tea this pretty deserves to be seen so it’s safe to say that ordering a glass teapot is now high on my list of priorities!

As for what to drink the tea in, well normally I would reach for one of my vintage china cup and saucers but at the moment I’m loving drinking them out of my special bespoke mug from Goodheart Gifts which was kindly made for me. (check this company out for lovely personalised products for everything from christenings to weddings).


And if I had to pick a favourite? Well, it’s a very tough call, but for me dozy girl is the best of the bunch. Relaxing, soothing and beautifully scented, it’s everything I need in a cup to keep me calm and help me catch some much needed mummy zzzz’s.

So for tea that’s extra special, give Bluebird Tea Company a whirl. You’d be absolutely crazy not to try it.



Till the next time, remember life always feel better after a cup of tea!




Bluebird Tea Company is kindly giving Pouting In Heels readers a 10% discount on all teas. Simply enter ‘PIH10’ at checkout. (Thank you Mike!)

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4 Discussions on
“POUT OF APPROVAL: Tea infusions from the Bluebird Tea Co.”
    • Aah Katy! Of course, why haven’t I thought of that?! Thank you for the super tip.

      Still think I should treat myself to a lovely glass teapot thought one day ;-)

  • Oh wow, what a dreamy post. You look beautiful too! I think elderflower champagne sounds delightful and I do love a camomile tea before bed! Sooo relaxing! x

    • Thank you so much! All of their teas truly are superb. I think you would love them. And yes, I too love a camomile tea. I drink it often, especially if I’m having a tough day! x

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