Pout of Approval: Muji make-up storage

AT the moment I’m on a bit of a one-woman mission to get myself (and my life) organised.

So all those little jobs that I’ve previously ignored or put off are now slowly but surely getting ticked off my long to-do list. The first on the list? Sorting out my make-up.

Like most women, I enjoy wearing make-up and all the magical transformation powers that it offers. But. I hate storing it.

Make-up is messy, delicate (I’ve lost count of the numbers of eye shadows and powders that have gone to an early grave because I’ve dropped them and they’ve disintegrated into dust) and expensive. Plus there’s nothing worse when you’re in a rush to get out the door, than not being able to find one of your beloved make-up products.

For years I’ve battled away with keeping my make-up collection in various boxes and the like. But finally, after getting really annoyed and wasting about 10 minutes of my life one morning rummaging through my make-up box for my mascara, I decided enough was enough. It was time to get organised.

After a little online research and taking into account many recommendations for the transformational powers of Muji’s organisational products, I ordered two acrylic wide drawer sets (one with a lid) from Muji online for the bargain price of £26.

A few days later they arrived safe and sound and here is the amazing result!


From this…

Yes the box is pretty but what a mess!


A make-up disaster zone


To this! … 


Organised make-up heaven!


Look! Everything is in trays!


Everything now has it's place :-)


It’s safe to say I am one happy bunny with my little organisational purchases. For less than £30, these magical yet unassuming drawers store all my make-up goodies, make it incredibly easy to find what I’m looking for and keep everything together in it’s rightful place.

They say that in life, it’s often the little things that bring much joy. These drawers, lovely reader, are one of those things.

If your make-up is in perilous storage, I urge you to buy something similar. Not only will you save a good five to ten minutes every morning whilst getting ready, you’ll also never ‘lose’ your favourite make-up item again. Well done Muji!


Till the next time,



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