POUT OF APPROVAL: 100 Little Words on Parenthood


I WAS delighted to be asked to be part of this wonderful book and am even more thrilled to give it my‘Pout of Approval’!

Compiled by writer Charlie Plunkett, 100 Little Words on Parenthood is a fascinating collection of anecdotes, words of wisdom and poems on all aspects of parenthood from the miracle of birth to toddler troubles, embarrassing tantrums to awkward teenagers.

In just 100 words, mums, dads, grandparents and experts share their experiences on parenthood. And me too! Yes folks, I am one of them.


Getting my thoughts down to just 100 words was no easy feat I can tell you, but I’m so glad I shared my relatively new but life changing experience of motherhood because it is such a wonderful book and project to be part of.

The very lovely Charlie has pulled together an incredible collection of ‘100 words’ that will appeal to anyone; daunted parents to be, experienced parents, grandparents or even those who may just be thinking of entering the incredible, unfathomable world that is parenthood.

Trust me, if you’re one in of these categories you will love it! Just don’t blame me when the tears start to fall as you read it. ;-)

And oh yeah, if you haven’t got your Mum anything for Mother’s Day yet, this would make an absolutely awesome present.

100 Little Words on Parenthood is available in paperback and for the Kindle.

Till the next time, be happy!




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“POUT OF APPROVAL: 100 Little Words on Parenthood”

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