PLEASE HELP US #SaveSyriasChildren

CHILDREN are dying.

Children are drowning as their parents try to get them to safer shores away from their war-torn homeland.

And it has to stop.

No beautiful child like Aylan should ever have to lose their life.

No beautiful child like Aylan should ever have to be found, washed up dead. Cold and alone on a deserted beach.

No beautiful child like Aylan should ever have to suffer in such a way.


But yet children are. And adults too.

Over the last few weeks I have watched the reports of the Syrian refugees and I have read the news.

And I have sobbed. More than once. Getting angrier and angrier with each news story, covering the loss of another innocent life.

But then came that image, of that beautiful little boy Aylan.

And I’ll be honest, it is haunting me, as I’m sure it is haunting many of you are who are reading this.

Aylan was the same age as my daughter Elsie.

Just three years old.

I cannot help but make that comparison. His little lifeless body looked so much like my own daughter’s.

It’s almost too much to bear isn’t it?

The thought of what that little boy and his family went through.

But yet we must.

We cannot sit back and allow this to happen, no longer.

We have to try and help.

And so today, together with a group of fantastic parenting bloggers, I am asking and I am begging you to help us #SaveSyriasChildren.

Please help us raise money AND awareness for Save The Children by doing these two things:

  • Take an image of your child holding a sign saying ‘It could have been ME’ and the hashtag #SaveSyriasChildren, then share on social media
  • Donate £5 to Save the Children by texting SYRIA to 70008  (term and conditions)

(Or make a web donation instead.)

Imagine if it was your child.

Imagine if it was your family.

Then thank your lucky stars it isn’t and do your bit to help us. Please.

Thank you.

With love and gratitude,






This campaign has been set up by three of my amazing blogging friends Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three, Em from Snowing Indoors and Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and we’re all doing our bit to try make a difference.

Well done ladies. So proud of you all. X

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10 Discussions on
“PLEASE HELP US #SaveSyriasChildren”
  • A very well written post Kate. That picture broke my heart too, there are so many other pictures too. My boy is 4 and has just started school. He is free, to learn to live to laugh. We take so much for granted. So proud of Amy, Aby and Em too, this community is just amazing and I’m so grateful to be a part of it xo

    • Thank you Lizzie. What a wonderful thing to be part of. To know that together – organised by the wonderful ladies – we have made a difference. We really do have an amazing community. x

  • Beautifully written and that picture haunts me too, the same age as Luca it made my blood run cold and boil all at once. I think Amy, Em and Aby are all amazing for getting this up and running and only wish I could have taken part properly. Xx

    • An absolute pleasure, although I wish it didn’t have to be written. Huge thanks to you and Amy for organising such a movement. So proud to be a blogger right now. xxx

  • That picture is horrible and like most parents all I can see is my own child lying there and my stomach turns and I feel close to throwing up. It’s terrible. I have donated and I really hope others will too. I never want to see another picture like that again.

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