I AM nervous and excited today.

Nervous and so bloody excited, because tomorrow, my new style To Dream Of Dresses finally goes live! *takes a deep breath*

It’s taken ages to get it ready, much longer than I had hoped (yep, I’d completely forgotten just how much work it takes to get a blog off the ground!) but finally, finally it is all ready to go.


I don’t want to give all the game away nor ruin the big launch, but let’s just say ladies (and gents) – if you like dresses, I think, well I sure as hell hope, that you will love it.


ToDreamOfDresses_Masthead_AW (1)


To Dream Of Dresses is a style blog with a difference, a style blog with serious soul and even though the blog is very much created by me, it is has been created for YOU.

For all of you, who have dresses in your wardrobes that you can’t bear to be parted from. For all of you who love to swoon over the Oscar gowns and pick your favourites. For all of you who have fond memories of a fabulous frock.

There’s something incredibly special about the dress as a garment and I can’t wait to celebrate this all with you, starting from tomorrow!

Please do pop by if you can at some point to have a look and let me know your thoughts. The new site is desperate to open its doors and welcome new visitors.


Share your dream dress


And please, please, don’t ever worry about this ol’ blog of mine, my first blogging baby, because Pouting In Heels is going absolutely nowhere.

It remains my personal online space, my first blogging love and service will continue as normal. It’s just that I’ve decided to add a really fancy wardrobe to my blogging house, that contains some really fancy dresses. *winks*

HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported and followed my new blogging venture so far! Now just keep your fingers crossed, that the tech gremlins are held at bay.

See you tomorrow. The frocks and I cannot wait to welcome you! x

To Dream Of


With love,







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