How I plan to become a healthier me this year


FIRSTLY, before we begin, may I just take a moment to say Happy New Year!

I know, I know, we’re a few days in to 2015 already but seeing as it’s my first post of the year, I just needed to get that off my chest.

Now it is, let’s get onto the business of health shall we?

Hands up, who’s popped a bit more chunk on their trunk over the Christmas period? Yep, mine is firmly head aloft too ladies. You are not alone.

I hate talking about weight loss as I’m a firm believer that life is far too short to spend it obsessing over a few extra pounds and that we need to love ourselves as we are.

However, as I sit here in my skinny jeans which are making me feel anything but skinny right now (I had to breathe in tight this morning to get these bad boys on!) it feels appropriate.

I always put a few extra pounds on over Christmas and you know what? I’m fine with that. I’d rather enjoy a few mince pies and a mountain of cheese and crackers than stress about it. Always.

But it is the New Year and so with that in mind, I’ve made a made few changes to my diet AND lifestyle to help me not just loose my extra chunk but to improve my health too. After all, without good health, what have we got?

None of these changes are impossible to maintain and some of them are only little, minor things, but as as always in life – it is the little things that count.

So if your fad diet isn making you miserable or you’re feeling hopeless about your weight or health, kick back for a few minutes and see if any of these changes feel right up your street. Here’s what I’m doing so far…


Drink hot water and fresh lemon for your first ‘cuppa’

I’ve been doing this for the last few days and already it’s become part of my morning routine. It’s easy to drink, settling on the stomach, aids digestion and apparently has all kinds of other benefits.

Cut back on tea and coffee

I love a mug of builder’s tea however too many cuppas make Katie a dull, tired girl.

So, I’ve decided to limit myself to just two cups of England’s finest a day and for the rest of the time, I’m indulging in my love for herbal tea instead. I’ve also just discovered white tea which is supposedly better better for you than green tea and am loving it! Try it, it’s got a much mellower taste.

Cut back on booze

A glass of wine truly is one of life’s greatest pleasures and don’t get me started on my love for cocktails however after drinking practically every day for about three weeks I’m pulling back. Only a bit mind. No dryathon for me! (Why would anyone do this?!)

So during the week Monday to Thursday, I’m now an alcohol free zone (unless it’s a special occasion) but Friday to Sunday is still party time.

Take a daily vitamin (or other supplements)

I’m one of those silly people who buys vitamins and supplements because I know they’re good for me but then forget to take them! However, not anymore.

My daily vitamin and evening primrose tablets (for happier lady hormones!) are now living with the mugs in the cupboard which means in the morning when I make my first hot drink of the day, I can’t miss them.

Cut back on white carbs

Oh I love a French baguette or a slice of Warburton’s toasted and dripping in butter. *licks lips* Sadly however they don’t love me in the same way as the pesky fiends cause havoc with my waistline, making me look and feel bloated.

I love white carbs – all of them – but I’ve definitely been eating too much of late so for a while I’m cutting back considerably. I’ve ditched white bread for wholemeal and am eating at least one meal a day which is totally (unhealthy) carb free.

I know not everyone agrees with cutting carbs but for me, it always works a treat. Whenever I want to loose a little weight, I just do this for a few weeks and bam…a slimmer, trimmer Kate is back in the room.

Exercise at least 3 times a week

It’s hard to fit in exercise into our day, especially when we’re juggling motherhood and work plus everything else. I know this. We all know this.

But I also know I feel a damn sight better about myself in general if I find the time to do it, so working out three times a week is now a minimum.I hate gyms with a passion so will do my working out from home, usually when the Husband is putting Elsie to bed. This is now my exercise time.

Personally I am a massive fan of Sleek Technique which offers online ballet classes or ballet video workouts. These workouts really do work and tone your body beautifully and best of all? Some of the video workouts are just 15 mins long. Totally doable, even when you feel exhausted. 

Rest and sleep more

After spending two weeks away from work, I honestly feel different. Not like a different woman exactly but certainly a happier, calmer Kate.

Taking time out has made me realise that I spend nowhere near enough time resting and sleeping. And whilst the sleeping one is tricky – Elsie still wakes up every night – there are things I can definitely do to help myself.

So I’ve started to rest and relax more. The evenings are no longer spent surfing the net and replying to emails. Nope. Now I spend it watching Breaking Bad (I’m nearly at the end, what will I do after?!) or reading books, one of my favourite pastimes.

I’m also now giving myself an actual lunch hour on the days when I’m working, something I haven’t done for years. And sleep wise, I’m going to bed a bit earlier and also allowing myself to nap when Elsie naps, if I feel like it or have had a rough night with the little lady. Yes, I still wish there were more hours in the day to get stuff done but no longer am I going to work every minute of every day or feel like I have to.

So there you go! These are my New Year health changes. Doable aren’t they?

Granted they aren’t particularly life changing in themselves, however these little changes are already making a difference.

Here’s to a healthier and happier 2015 folks! Now then, where did I put my white tea?


What do you think of my changes? Which health changes have you introduced or can you suggest anything I should or could do better? As always I’d love to hear what you think!

With love,



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20 Discussions on
“How I plan to become a healthier me this year”
  • I can’t even think about cutting out carbs, I’m a carb junkie! I too have cut back on the builders tea though, I’ve found myself drinking nothing but tea all day and that was my wake up call. Hydration is the key isn’t it? I’m gonna try squeeze in some exercise too and like you I only seem to have enough time for small chunks.
    Here’s to comfortably zipping up our super skinnies! Happy New Year beautiful! Xx

    • I’m a total carb junkie too Franki but do you know what? I find that if I cut them out a bit, I end up craving them less. Try cutting back a bit and I swear you’ll notice the difference. Happy New Year darling x

  • Oh My God, Its like you are speaking directly to me!
    From the point that we put on a few kgs at Christms – but really don’t mind – its my favourite time of year and I’d rather be joyful and fat and happy than stress over the calories!
    To excess tea! I thought I was the only one with this problem! Nobody tells you too much tea is bad for you – but it really is – i have been addicted for a long time and am trying limit it to weekends (kind of like booze) now.
    I also totally agree that I don’t want to loose weight believing that my problems will be magically solves by being skinny – but when I am living healthily and working out – I am just happier and clearer, and yes – look better!
    Sorry – I’ve just clogged your comments with a full rant but I loved this piece so much i just wanted to talk about it with you!
    Kelsey xo

  • I agree, you don’t need to go on a specific diet to feel better about yourself. Eating right, making a few changes here and there can get you back into those skinny jeans in no time! Not sure I could drink the hot lemon though, can’t stand it! x

  • I love that all these changes are quite achievable. Good luck with them all lovely. I look forward to hearing how you get on. My only resolution this year is to be kinder to myself. So far so good. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  • Love this darling, you look gorgeous though and Christmas requires a bit more padding (not that you have any but it’s what I’m telling myself)! My mother in law got me into lemon in hot water on a morning and it really helps digestion, she’s a yoga instructor and such a good influence. You would love Eat Pretty that Hannah got me for my birthday, since reading it and modifying the way I eat, I feel so much better. I’ve also changed my work structure, focusing on all the precious moments and I feel happier than ever. Happy New Year and here’s to meeting up soon. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

    • I am seriously loving hot water and lemon. It really does work a treat doesn’t it? I used to do it years ago but for some reason got out of the habit. Must try Eat Pretty – sounds right up my street. Thanks for your lovely words darling and yes, hope to see you soon! x

  • Brilliant inspiring post Katie! Like you I’ve done my best to cut out white carbs and I’ve found that since going wheat free I feel so much better – less bloated and less indigestion too, yes! My main vice is coffee – our filter pot is on pretty much all day like an American diner! Ok it’s decaf after the first mug but still… I’m going to try your hot water and lemon on the morning to see if it works for me. 2015… we’re on it!

    • Thanks darling! Honestly I swear by it! It’s a great way to start the day and you can go wild with the coffee pot after! ;-) x

  • I hear ya! So I suppose I should stop drinking all this tea and coffee then…it’s just so hard when you’re sleep deprived. I’ll wean myself off but one bad night is enough to start the habit all over again!

    Sleek Technique sounds cool, I’m going to look that up :)

    Thanks for linking lovely xxxx #Thelist

    • I know it’s tough, especially when you’re knackered. I guess we can only do what we can do! Sleek Technique are wonderful. Let me know what you think x

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