The truth about blogging

IT’S changed my life, my beautiful little corner of the Internet.

But it’s also brought some very interesting conversations my way and a hell of a lot of questions too.

There’s a whole glut load of misconceptions when it comes to blogging and being a blogger. About the work that’s involved, about what it’s really like and of course, how much money you can make from it.

In the three or so years I’ve been at it (blogging that is), I’ve heard all sorts, much of which – if I’m honest – has been the stuff of nonsense.

Want to know what blogging is really like? Then pay attention.

Here are nine blogging myths that I’m going to obliterate. (Altogether now – ooooo!) Here is the truth, or my blogging truth at least.


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1) Blogging is easy

Ooooh if I had a pound for every time I’ve been told this little gem. Be prepared to have your bubble burst now, because let me tell you non-blogging folk, it is the opposite to easy.

It is hard. It is challenging. It is often fraught with more problems than you can ever imagine.

Wonderful it most certainly is. However, easy it most definitely is NOT.


2) Blogging success happens overnight

Oh if only this was true! Overnight success as a blogger takes years to achieve. Yep you heard me. Years.

It may appear that a blogger suddenly appears in the media or on the ‘scene’ overnight, but I’ll let you into a little secret. That blogger who’s just magically appeared and is everywhere all of a sudden, has been grafting their little bottom off for years.

Working, dreaming, working, dreaming. 24/7. Non stop.


3) Blogging is all about free stuff

Wrong. Yes, you can receive lots of gifts (if you want to), however let me tell you none of them are actually free. Not really.

Because you see all the free stuff you receive needs writing about. It needs photographing. It needs sharing. And all of this takes lots and lots of time.

It is wonderful to receive gifts, really wonderful but it is not for free. Not really.


4) Most bloggers are just in it for the free stuff

Some are granted but the majority are not.

The majority want to share their lives with you. They want to make you howl with laughter or weep, from the very beauty of their words. They want to build you up, inspire you and make the online world a better place.

Personally, I haven’t met one blogger yet who is just in for the (not so) free stuff.


5) The blogging world is a horrid competitive place

Competitive? Yes. Horrid. No.

Perhaps I’ve been the luckiest blogger alive, but I have to tell you – in the main – the blogging world has been nothing but supportive, encouraging and inspirational for me.

So why competitive? Because every blogger I know is competitive with themselves, working hard on their blog, to try and make their online space the very best it can be.


6) Blogging is so glamorous!

Hmmm. Where do I begin. Ok, so sometimes yes, it can be. Sometimes you do get to go to fabulous parties, sometimes you do get to wear fabulous gowns (more on that soon!) and sometimes you do get to have a whale of a good time!

However…in the main it’s anything but. (Unless your definition of glamour is sitting in your scruffs or PJs at all hours, frantically typing and emailing and commenting and editing images and sorting out tech issues!)

Because this is what it’s like.

This is what you don’t see, when you come across a beautiful post from the most wonderful style blogger or you swoon over a holiday trip that your favourite blogger has been on.

This is the reality.


7) Bloggers aren’t respected

Totally wrong. Some people have a bit of snobbery towards bloggers. Some brands even do too (although these are now thankfully in the minority these days!)

But don’t be mistaken. Us bloggers? We are a respected bunch. And are becoming even more so.

Most of the best writers and minds in the world, blog. The most incredible, imaginative and creative people you can ever think of, blog. Some of the best content you will ever read online, will be found on someone’s blog.

Sure there are some blogs out there which aren’t so great, but really, as a whole, the wealth of talent in the bloggersphere is nothing short of phenomenal.


7) Blogs are pointless

Really? How so?

Do you think people sharing their stories to inspire you is a pointless thing to do? Do you think seeing breathtaking imagery on screen makes you appreciate the beauty of the world, less? Do you think sharing experience and information is wasted?

Because this is what bloggers do. This is what blogs bring to the world.

Beauty, creativity, ideas, soulful stories, experience, humour and emotion. No doubt about it, to me, the world is a much better place for them. (God bless you fellow bloggers!)


8) Blogging will make me rich!

Ok, so it might. And hopefully -if that’s your goal – then it will!

However most blogs don’t earn enough money for the blogger to retire, put their feet up and jet off to live in the Maldives for the rest of their days.

Blogging probably won’t make you rich but. And it’s a big BUT.

It can and will bring you riches, if you work hard and you’re passionate about it.

It can earn you decent money, it can bring incredible opportunities your way, it can introduce you to amazing new friends and it can bring out skills and talent in you, that you didn’t even know you possess.  Not too bad ey?


9) Bloggers live perfect lives

We don’t. Or certainly I don’t. Dammmm. ;-)

We work hard, like really hard. And we’re never off ‘shift’.

We’re perfectionists, always wanting to hone our craft and impress you our readers. (Trust me, we really, REALLY care about you guys! You have no idea!)

We’re never completely satisfied with our blogs and there is never, ever, enough time in the day to do everything that we need to do.

But we are fortunate. And we do live amazing, fulfilling creative lives, that’s for sure.

We spend our days working on our passions. We get to communicate our very thoughts and opinions to you. We get to experience opportunities that we didn’t dare dream about.

And if we’re really lucky, we get to move you and stir your soul, which is the best feeling ever.

Like the sound of it? Then what are you waiting for? Give it a go!

(Just don’t expect it to be easy or for you to be jetting off to the Maldives anytime soon. Although if you do manage it and you need a plus one, you know where I am. *winks*)


Fellow bloggers and blogger pals? What do you think? Have I got this right? Are there any that I’ve missed off the myth list? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

With love,






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