IT’S official, it is Summer time!

(Even though the great British weather may not agree.)

The kids are off school, the barbies are being dusted off and if you’re anything like me you’ll currently be in the midst of washing and ironing and packing, as you prepare to go off on holiday.

Summer is just brilliant isn’t it? Such a happy time, for children and parents alike.

I love Summer!

As a freelancer, I always feel incredibly lucky that I get to enjoy so much of it, either working outside in the garden or switching my work to the evenings so I can bathe in any sunshine.

Plus as a parent, it sure makes life easier too. Because as we all know, no kids like to be cooped up inside when they could be outdoors playing and running and splashing in paddling pools!

And of course, these days we also have the very best technology to help us make the most of this special time of year too.

So when John Lewis asked me to take part in their #FindYourSummer campaign, sharing my favourite technology things, I simply couldn’t refuse.

Here are my top ten techie things that I swear by, that will make anyone’s life a lot easier and happier this Summer…

elsie pool


The most obvious one I know but I ask you, who wouldn’t be lost without their phone?! I use my phone for so much.

To read, to communicate, to share, to work, to be entertained. I currently use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and love how much it enables me to effortlessly do.



Like so, so many of us, I am obsessed with photography and catching happy moments.

Taking snaps of Elsie is one of my most favourite things to do and although phones do have smashing cameras these days, I still swear by my SLR for ‘proper’ photos (like you see here on my blog) and my new super duper, handbag friendly Canon Powershot.

I’ve had my new camera – the Powershot – for about a month or so now and I have to say, I’m really impressed so far. I love the fact I can just pop it in my bag, go off on my travels and take professional looking snaps without having to carry around a heavy camera. It’s an absolute godsend as a blogger, let me tell you!

This nifty little camera can do lots of things  (only this morning someone was telling me it’s great for recording vlogs!) so I’m looking forward to using it more over the next few weeks, on our holiday and back home.



Without my Macbook Air, I wouldn’t be able to do this blog or look after my clients and I wouldn’t be able to sit outside on a nice day and work! I love my laptop.

It cost me a hell of a lot of money but it makes working an utter joy so was worth every penny.



One of the husband’s favourite techie things which is fast becoming one of mine!

We use the nifty little Black Boombot Rex Bluetooth Speaker –  a small but mighty premium Bluetooth speaker and it’s really great.

We just link up a phone to it via bluetooth to pay our favourite summer songs, wherever we may want to hear them! Brilliant for barbies or kid’s birthday parties.

Jamie summer



Not the most exciting of techie things granted but this little gadget lets me crack on with my work when I’m sat outside in the garden so it gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me.



I know it’s social media, but it’s still a techie thing right?

I adore Instagram but it’s especially brilliant at this time of year as it enables me to edit and share pictures easily (perfect for when we go on holiday) and keep up to date with all the lovely stuff my friends and family are doing this Summer.

Elsie park

7) iPAD

Great for easy reading or taking on a journey. I’m not it’s greatest fan, but it is very clever.



Can you imagine a life (or journey) without satellite navigation?! I know I can’t!

I use Google Maps on my phone whenever I drive to a place I’m not familiar with and it has never ever let me down. A must for every driver, but especially for those who are driving to holiday destinations this Summer.



Another godsend of a product for parents everywhere!

No, children shouldn’t watch too much TV but honestly, when you find yourself stuck in the middle of gridlock city on the motorway with a grumpy child in the back, you will thank your lucky stars you invested in one.



Not exciting no, but it does its job and it does it well.

Making sure that when I’m on the move, I will have plenty of battery life to use Google Maps or reply to emails and take plenty of super snaps if I’m a passenger.

Don’t you just love technology?!


Many thanks to John Lewis for asking me to be part of their fabulous #FindYourSummer campaign.


With love,






Disclaimer – this post was written in collaboration with John Lewis.

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