I’M a sucker for love and romance.

Aren’t we all?

But one thing I’ve noticed since becoming a parent, is that often, romance comes way down the at bottom of the list of our priorities.

It’s not that we don’t love our partners. It’s just that life gets in the way of us finding time to celebrate that love, spice things up a bit or appreciate each other.

It’s rubbish but it happens.

And it happens to everyone, especially when you’ve been together for a while.

So how do you stop your love life coming to a great big halt?!

Easy. (She says).

You make some effort. You get your diaries out. You find / make time for one another and you live a little.

Really, that is all it takes.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are my top ten favourite romantic destinations, to give you some food for thought.

(Some of which may very well surprise you!)


 1) Paris

Let’s start with the most obvious one, shall we? I adore Paris (or should that be j’adore) particularly because, well, this is where my man popped the big question! (And yes, it really was as romantic as you can imagine).

Paris has everything you need for love and yes it is a romantic cliché, but it’s a cliché for a very good reason. There is nowhere more romantic than this city.


2) Rome

Sexier and more intriguing than Paris, Rome is the kind of place to visit if you need to add some mystery and excitement back into your relationship.

And if you’ve never been, you really must.

The food and wine is incredible, the ancient history is fascinating and the sights are truly something to behold. It is my absolute favourite city in the world.

Walk arm and arm through the cobbled streets and winding alleyways and let the mysteries of this beautiful ancient city fuel your soul. (And your love.)


3) Manchester

Ah, my home city! How I miss it!

I may be biased, but in my opinion, there is no other city in the UK which has the same ‘buzz’ that Manchester has.

It may rain (quite a bit at times) but one thing is for sure, Manchester sure knows how to party!

The people are friendly and ‘salt of the earth’, the atmosphere on a night out is electric and this city just has energy in droves, making it the perfect ‘romantic’ place for couples who feel life has become a little dull of late.

Trust me, you have not partied until you’ve partied in Manchester.


4) Venice

Why do so many couples get hitched in Venice? Because it’s just so damn beautiful, that’s why.

Truly, I think this is one of the most stunning places I have ever visited. It’s beauty took my breath away and St Mark’s Cathedral actually made me cry when I saw it, so stunning a sight it is.

It may not be the cheapest romantic destination, but it is most definitely one of the most magnificent.

A must visit place for every couple.


5) Amsterdam

I spent Christmas in this city with my husband many years ago. It was the most bonkers Christmas we ever had (!) but totally brilliant.

It’s a gorgeous city to enjoy on foot, strolling along the canals hand in hand as you take in the stunning Dutch architecture. And don’t let the seedy element put you off either.

Yes it’s pretty outrageous in places, but if you like your romance to have an added dose of naughtiness, this city will be perfect for you.


6)Whitsunday Islands

Ok, so this one is the other side of the world. Down under in fact.

But I had to mention it, because in terms of natural beauty, I have never visited anywhere as glorious. The sand is white. The seas are warm and turqoiuse blue. And as you’d expect from Australia, the weather is wonderful.

Go skinny dipping in the sea if you dare or have a picnic on the (almost deserted) beaches.


7) Bolton

Yes, really. Bolton.

Not a place for romance you think? Well you’d be wrong. The greatest love story of my life all started here, so for me it is the most romantic place in the world. (Ah, the memories!)

True it’s not very exotic, but it’s fun and lively and much cheaper than a stay in a city.


8) Florence

Another Italian city? You betcha! When it comes to love, these Italians don’t mess around folks. *winks*

I’ve spoken before about my love for this city, and it definitely deserves another mention here.

We spent five days in Florence and I came home (unknowingly) pregnant, so you know, I can most definitely testify that this is a city made for love.


9) A hotel room – ANYWHERE

Often, it’s not a change of scene we need, but just a chance to spend some time with each other, away from home, the chaos and all the clutter.

Where the beds are freshly made, the rooms are spotless and you can order room service just like that.

So if your budget allows, go and book yourselves a night away, somewhere extravagant and pricey. And if it doesn’t? Well just spend as much as you can and go anywhere. Even staying at your local hotel down the road will do!

Finding time for each other is what it’s all about. So let the grandparents have the kids for a night and enjoy, making sure you pop that ‘do not disturb’ sign on the hotel door.


10) Home

Yes, home.

Why? Because this is where romance and love has to start. It all begins here.

Plus it’s free (kind of), comfy and your special place. And, upping the romantic stakes at home is so easy!

Cook a dinner and eat it at the table, you know, together, when the kids are in bed. Put on some music. Light some candles. Turn your phones off and talk. Go to bed early and see where the night takes you.

Romance really doesn’t need fancy locations, just some effort to make more of it happen. Although admittedly, fabulous locations do indeed help. :)


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With love,





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  • 9/10 for me (just the Whitsunday Islands missing from the full set), and while I have some reservations about Bolton (only ever been there for football), these are great choices. I totally get Manchester being on your list.

    I would add Barcelona – a great buzz in the evening, great food and amazing art all over the place in the works of Gaudi. And also Lucca, a tiny city between Florence and Pisa, which is just the perfect ancient Italian idyll – peaceful, gorgeous histroic centre (that’s almost impossible to drive in – a good thing), an old city wall you can walk on top of, some fantastic, unassuming restaurants, just everything you want in a holiday destination.

    We’re so lucky these days that there are so many romantic destinations both home and abroad within each and affordable reach, aren’t we?

    • We so blinkin’ are Tim! So many fabulous romantic destinations to discover. Have been to Barcelona and loved it, but wouldn’t necessarily think of it as romantic (however each to their own right?!) but you have totally convinced me about Lucca. It is on the list! :)

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